1) Serious question @BillGates.

How is possible to solve climate change from an economic system that REQUIRES inflation?
2) Instead of embracing the exponential technological gains that naturally bring deflation and broader based abundance, monetary policy (globally) is fighting it - keeping society on a treadmill of ever higher prices and needing more consumption and more production....forever.
3) The real "inconvenient truth" @algore is that climate cannot be solved from within a system that requires perpetual growth. (and will manipulate money to get it)
4) Because ALL of the innovation (and lower prices) that entrepreneurs bring to the market MUST be offset with more manipulation of money to keep the inflationary economic system running.
5) The only way out (for our climate and humanity) is from a different system.

One that allows for deflation.
6) I realize the implications of a transition between two systems that operate differently. It doesn't change the facts.

Ignoring those facts will certainly be more painful. (for our climate and everything else)
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