The new variant B.1.351 is evading immunity, infecting ppl already vaccinated w AZ vaccine

I’m concerned for the others too since all have very similar design against original Spike

This should be a wake up call

#Rapidtests needed for contingency plans
Good thing is the mRNA vaccines provided exceptional efficacy. But that was also when plasmablasts (temporary antibody producing cells) were fully abundant. We don’t know the efficacy after a few months after they all die off. Hopefully will remain very high and protect. But..???
We also do not know (or at least so far I haven’t heard) whether people are getting severely ill or not. If the AZ vaccine prevents severe disease w the new variant, then that can be good enough. I wish this part was reported so far.
Per others comments (thank you), the studies were not powered to look at all at severe diseases. Not surprising given the very small numbers of mild/moderate in both arms.
Terrific thread by @VirusesImmunity on this topic. Do read!

Though all with very small numbers, efficacy to reduce severe disease (vs. mild/moderate) appears to be very high.
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