#COVID19 science is a very mixed bag. Some has been amazing, like the one that brought us effective vaccines in no time. Some is questionable, but most is derivative, illiterate and adds probably nothing to, or may even reduce, human knowledge.
The imprimatur of 'peer review' doesn't mean much, insofar anyone perceived as having any expertise in the field has been asked to review many more papers than would be possible. Journal prestige doesn't really seem to be a reliable indicator of scientific rigour either.
This situation raises some interesting questions about what it means to 'follow the science'. Whatever happens, the pandemic will end well before science does. This creates the risk of a severe post-pandemic scientific hangover.
To avoid a backlash against science, and society drifting farther into conspiracies, I urge everyone who cares about science, including myself, and whatever their views, to judge #COVID19 scientific evidence for its value rather than its confirmation of our preconceptions.
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