1) The structural change we're going through as a society is very difficult for people to come to terms with because it challenges core "beliefs"
2) Often with technology - the status quo is disrupted and with it our minds shift to what is possible that we could not see before.
Many "experts" - fight that shift the entire way - trying to protect what "used" to be. -ie - Kodak, Blockbuster.
3) Our institutions - Central Banks and Governments are fighting that paradigm shift today - and causing all sorts of distortions and dislocations by doing so because of a failure to recognize a KEY point.
4) Exponentially advancing technological gains bring efficiency. That efficiency is deflationary. Moving into all industries which means prices should be falling on almost everything.
5) The reason prices are not falling is that advancing technological progress is INCOMPATIBLE with the existing monetary system which requires inflation to remain viable.

That existing system is being manipulated so it appears viable and pushes prices up as a result.
6) There is positive way forward but it cannot come without a recognition that a a system level change is required.

Advancing technological progress requires a currency that allows for deflation. The longer we fight it, the higher the cost.
7) So... If you believe inflation (your money losing its value) is required for society to function?

Why do you believe so?
8) Furthermore - If you "believe" inflation is required, could you elaborate on how to achieve it (against the backdrop of accelerating technological progress driving deflation) WITHOUT concentrating ALL power/decisions in the hands of a few.
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