Empathy has been missing all along during the whole #LabourAntisemitism debacle, as if somehow Jews do not deserve it, our fears never taken seriously. /1 https://twitter.com/RA_Sikdar/status/1350491907332431874
When Margaret Hodge said that the feeling of fear and trauma her father, a Holocaust survivor had, symbolised by the idea of always having ones bags packed, resonated with her, Jews up and down the country nodded in understanding.../2
But across Twitter she was relentlessly mocked (there was a hashtag), and falsely accused of comparing the situation to Jews in Nazi Germany. /3
When in fact what she was doing was articulating an inherited, reflexive trauma, flight mode, which is shared by so many Jews. For good reason, as even the most shallow glance at Jewish history would show. /4
I think this latest response to Rafael Behr, and what people are accusing him of having said, falls along those same lines. /5
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