There's been a lot of commentary as to why so many Orthodox Jews supported Trump, usually by people who don't really understand these communities and have made that clear in other ways. /1
There are several factors but many people, for example Jews from other denominations, themselves religious (although of course most Orthodox would not see them as such) have been reluctant to criticise the religious aspects of this support. /2
For me this quote articulates the root of the support: "Certain social issues, especially abortion and same-sex marriage, became defining issues that shaped cultural acceptance in our communities." /3
It's possible that @HannahLebovits may not agree with me as to whether this is the primary cause, but in any case please do read this. /4
A phenomenon which isn't discussed enough (probably because it sounds like "making excuses") is the reality of living in a society where the incoming messaging is controlled. How can someone access a value they have never seen? Reality for *some* of these communities. /5
I actually think this above point is important to discuss as with social media deliberately creating echo chambers, and people only seeing more and more extreme versions of what they already believe, this problem is only going to become more severe with more people. /6
Full disclosure, I live in the UK, not the USA. /7
Just going to expand a bit. What I mean by this is that what started off as aligning with the Republican party due to religious conservatism, something which has a long history, has eventually led to where we found ourselves now. /8
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