• NO lockdowns
• NO waiting for vaccines
• Reverses cases in weeks

A true public health approach focused on the ppl

To end the public health *WAR* we are in.

RAPID At-Home COVID Testing for All 
This Plan works WITH the people and meets them where they are.

It works WITH all the other public health approaches we are already taking - it does not replace them

It is bold and and ambitious - and addresses the fact that we are actually in a war with a virus...

It is time the government STOPS the nonsence of treating this like scattered medical problems to be addressed medically

We MUST address the pandemic as a public health problem - with the RIGHT TOOLS - only then will the medical issues resolve

Not the other way around

The tools we need are NOT those needed for sick people

Nor is the @US_FDA evaluatory pathway

We Need new thinking - a new paradigm - a new approach to a crisis causing public suffering, hardship, poverty, disease, and death

We Need to Readjust what we falsely believe works

Our Leaders must rise to find the courage to buck the trends and be true leaders.

They must try new, bold ideas in the face of failure after failure

And the approaches must respond appropriately to where American's are today...

It is not enough to tell people to stay home and don't go see their family for Thanksgiving

That's a failure of a response!!!

That's a poor attempt to do damage control for a failed response in every of the 50 states of these United States.

It's simply not good enough


And we can't stop failing by doing the EXACT SAME THING OVER AND OVER FOR MONTHS

Trump did not help. No.
But states could have taken action earlier.
We can start now. Today.

States can start to use states powers and Say to the FDA - and the Federal Government - enough is ENOUGH!!!

We MUST ACCELERATE new approaches and we simply cannot just wait around to see what is FDA authorized next in hopes that it maybe possibly will be useful.

If Congress won't provide $5B to produce 20M first in class rapid antigen tests every day for America, we need @elonmusk @Facebook @Apple @ATT @Verizon @amazon to start to build the tools we need so we can go home for the holidays!

And we need States to work with them!

Simply put - we must change our approaches

The classical public health approaches haven't worked
The sputtering lockdowns won't work and will hurt

We need to treat this like an all out War. It is the greatest catastrophe in our country in decades

We must act like it!

Discussed this all w @profvrr on This Week in Virology 640 too quite a while ago.
This is the Slovakia data I refer to in the @TIME piece... this graph annotations from my research colleague in crime (we do a lot of the frequent rapid test thinking together) @DanLarremore
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