1) Just another example of a completely incoherent strategy......That will end miserably. @APompliano @PrestonPysh @CaitlinLong_ @RaoulGMI @LynAldenContact
3) In doing so, they waste a staggering amount of stimulus $$ by manipulating markets and removing free market price discovery.
4) Which keeps asset prices high (in this case - Real Estate) AND encourages people to take on even more debt (because debt is so cheap) to buy more real estate (because real estate is a store of value against that money printing)
5) Which pushes real estate prices even higher (and rents on that real estate rise in lockstep)
6) Which concentrates wealth into asset owners hands faster (and because rents rise in lockstep - it picks the pockets of non-asset owners faster too)
7) So - with millions unemployed and unable to pay the rent on those "assets" (that are artificially raised in price by the Fed in the first place) ......
9) Wasting more Government $$ and creating conflict with landlords -(that piled on debt because of that same Fed policy)
10) Trillions of wasted dollars (and we're only just getting started) pushing us further away from the root cause of it all.
11) That technology today has changed the rules of the game and Central banks (playing a different game) have no ability to stop it. (short of destroying their currencies) By trying to - they only make the problem and "eventual unwind" worse.
12) Technology and quantitative easing exist in a perverse feedback loop. (there are opposite forces -quantitative easing trying to increase prices while technology trying to decrease prices)
13) By driving quantitative easing against the bigger force of technology - it creates a death spiral in banking profitability, resulting in tightening credit conditions for consumers and easier credit conditions for technology companies.
14) The technology companies in turn accelerate job losses in industry after industry as they automate functions. Ultimately resulting in drastic social unrest and the creation of a new world order.
Be safe out there!
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