I urge all of my followers to listen to this illuminating podcast regarding the ongoing human rights abuses against #Muslim #Uyghurs # #Uighurs enacted by the government of China. Thread. /1 https://twitter.com/aliamjadrizvi/status/1289657221526118400
The government of China holds up to 2m #Uyghurs in concentration camps in China. Chinese propaganda calls them "re-education" camps but a school one can't leave is not a school, it is a prison. /2
Religious rites such as praying or owing the Quran are classed as "terrorism" and #Uighurs in the camps are subject to torture, forced indoctrination (eg being forced to eat pork), sexual violence, forced birth control / sterlisation, family separation and organ harvesting. /3
I was particularly personally moved when @nuryturkel said that out of respect for #Jewish people he tries not to use the #Holocaust as a comparison, as we have paid for that word with the sacrifice of six million people. /4
In a time where people think that having to wear a mask is like the Holocaust, this is particularly welcome. /5
I can only speak for myself, an individual Jewish person, but I have previously said if anything is comparable to the Holocaust it is the #genocide being enacted now against this religious and ethnic group. Please speak out. /6
It is difficult to know what we can do against the might of the Chinese state which is economically and militarily powerful. It is especially difficult that our economies are linked and therefore, to quote @nuryturkel, many of the products we buy are tainted by #slavelabour. /7
But we can all try to do small things and here are some ideas that have been clarified for me by listening to this podcast. /8
1) Urge your government to sanction individuals under the Magnitsky Act. @MaajidNawaz has already got the ball rolling on this here in the UK. /9
2) #BoycottChineseCotton. The majority is produced by slave labour. /10
3) Wherever possible, do not buy Chinese tech such as Huawei; do not install Chinese apps TikTok. China is collecting a huge amount of personal data. This has the potential to affect all of us. /11
4) Raise awareness on social media and offline /12
#NeverAgain must mean something, we cannot look away, we cannot be silent. /13
Thread. /14 https://twitter.com/jayapathak_/status/1290599582313975808
In this podcast  @jay_shapiro speaks to  @MahmutRahima, UK director of @UyghurCongress. The extent of the surveillance of citizens is covered. /15 https://twitter.com/jay_shapiro/status/1292129811473760257
By collecting and banking the DNA, fingerprints, iris scans and blood samples of the population in Xinjiang, the state of China has built a technological prison which keeps an eye on even those not in the camps; actions like driving past a mosque will get a person flagged. /16
ID cards are connected to this data so location, spending, everything is collected and fed into a massive integrated system, which categorises people into "red", "yellow" and "green" based on "risk" shown by the data.../17
...if a person drives through a checkpoint and "red" flashes up, they will be immediately arrested. /18
#Uighurs #Uyghurs who managed to leave China cannot contact their families in China, because they are watched constantly, and "foreign contacts" will get them into serious trouble. /19
#Uighurs #Uyghurs who "graduate" from the "re-education camps" are distributed to factories across the country; these factories feed the supply chains of 80+ well known global brands, tainting the economy and making us all complicit in slave labour. /20
Also in @jay_shapiro's podcast with @MahmutRahima, she talks a little about #Uighur culture, as an essential reminder of what is being industrially, methodically erased. /22
Qelbinur Sedik was forced to teach Mandarin in China's "re-education camps", and here stands as a witness to violence, humiliation and death meted out to #Uyghur #Muslims. /23 https://twitter.com/OzKaterji/status/1295996503689920512
Hasiyet Abdulla, an obstetrician currently living in Turkey, reports that family planning limits included killing newborn babies. Even women who do not violate these limitations are routinely forced to undergo birth control procedures. /24
"In the credits, Disney offers a special thanks to more than a dozen Chinese institutions that helped with the film. These include four Chinese Communist Party propaganda departments in the region of Xinjiang..." by @isaacstonefish
/27 https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/09/07/why-disneys-new-mulan-is-scandal/
Noting: /29 https://twitter.com/OzKaterji/status/1305763415156195328
Forced labour. Thread. #Uyghur #Uighur /31 https://twitter.com/CampaignUyghur/status/1317904640143462400
The CCP use the language of human rights to deflect from and whitewash their crimes. /32
And useful idiots in the western left buy it. /33
Slavery will never be history as long as we turn a blind eye to China - @NickCohen4 on the West's selective anti-racism: /34 https://twitter.com/NickCohen4/status/1335328994800128005
This is nonsense of course, but the ratio is something at least. /36
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