🚨 I’ve created a new event for founders & investors called “Meet our Fund” 🚨

Format: Investment firms pitch founders their firm for 30 minutes (a reverse demo day!)

✅ Free for Founders
✅ Free for Funds
✅ June 8-9

🚀 10,000 founders
💰 50 firms https://meetourfund.com 
—> Founders can apply for a free ticket at the website

—> Funds can apply to present. We want to have 2+ folks from each firm present for 20 minutes then take 10 minutes of Q&A

—> If you’re anyone else, say a sales executive, lawyer, accountant, or headhunter, pls buy a ticket!
The goal of the event is to help educate founders to the top 50 VC firms operate....

... and for the best 50 firms in our industry to share how they invest, what they invest in, and how they support founders after investing.
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