Divorce your time and income: (thread)
1/ Work without permission:

Spend time making things for other people to figure out what you enjoy doing. If you're reading this, you don't need permission to create and share your ideas.

For me, this was designing made-up digital products for brands.
2/ Build equity:

Make your work recognizable by combining your interests with your competencies, and applying constraint.

For me, this was Visualize Value (digital design + philosophy, commerce, strategy) in simple graphic form.
3/ Build products & services:

Leverage the equity you've built to create relationships with people that want what you have.

For me, this was a set of consulting services (visualizing value for businesses) and education products (how to visualize value).
4/ Scale your reputation:

Continue to iterate on the front and back end of the business. Always drive value up.

For me, developing new education products creates content that can be leveraged as front-end marketing material (continuing to drive equity/reach up).
5/ Break the matrix

Your time no longer has a linear relationship with your income.

Write a tweet, sell 10 products.
Send an email, sell 100 products.


This entire strategy depends upon you building quality products. Explore until you can.
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