Over the years I’ve given many harsh criticisms against Ethereum. Notably:

1) Fucked up monetary policy early on.

2) Fucked up the scaling war.

But I criticize it because I care about it. Ethereum is my first love. I don’t care enough about EKs to criticize them.
Ethereum couldn’t figure out the monetary policy in the early days and really let it ossify. If you want numba go up, you need to prioritize monpol over everything else. If you’re at “in it for the tech”, then screw monpol. (I think Lord Vitalik was genuinely in it for the tech.)
Ethereum couldn’t ship scaling solutions for years. It could’ve killed the window of opportunity for EKs to emerge many years ago. I don’t think it’s because of the lack of technical ability, but rather a problem with the governance. Teams aren’t incentivized enough.
So I’m frustrated. I’ve been with Ethereum since 2014, well before 99% of self-proclaimed ETH maxis. Despite strongly believing that Ethereum will maintain the lead for years to come, it’s been losing market share.
Finally, some Ethereum thotleaders’ inability to acknowledge that EKs are doing a better job in at least some areas is detrimental to Ethereum. We are here to build products for users, they DGAF about your evangelism. Do you want to be right or do you want to make users happy?
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