The 2020s will be remembered as the remote work decade

Having spoken to 1,700+ people about remote work, here are a few reasons why people want it

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❤️ Life-Work Balance: The rise of remote lets people prioritise what’s important to them

People realizing they are more than there job will lead to deeper purpose in other areas
⚖️ Greater Control: 9-5 working is a remnant of the industrial revolution

Nobody is productive being forced to work 8 straight hours every day

Remote allows people to work around living rather than sacrificing life for work
📆 More Freedom: Office work disqualifies or discriminated against certain groups

Remote is freedom to access opportunity for

- single parents
- caring for family members
- health conditions or impairments
🚗 Less Waste: having to commute fir two hours a day to work on the same technology you have at home is insane

Having experienced remote work, 90% of workers never want to work in an office again full-time
🧘‍♀️ Health & Wellbeing: A lack of commute will give workers 25 extra days a year to do other things

Workers will exploit the freedom they have to organize things more freely in their day. Afternoon runs, morning meditation, 2 things a lot of people I know now do
⚽️ Hobbie Renaissance: Remote working will lead to a rise in people participating in hobbies and activities which link them to people in their local community

This will lead to deeper, more meaningful relationships which overcome societal issues of loneliness and issolation
🌉 Escape the City: the allure of the city is being eroded by technology. You can easily spend time there without living there

A huge number of people are leaving big cities behind in search of a higher quality of living elsewhere
🏡 Micro Co-working: everybody doesn’t wants to work from home

A third space will emerge: a home on every street is transformed into co-working spaces

It comes with all the amenities needed, like high-quality coffee, and has on-demand fitness equipment like @onepeloton bikes
👀 Distraction Avoidance: The backyard home office will skyrocket in popularity

There will be an explosion of people purchasing standalone units for their backyards for this
🌍 Diversity & Inclusion: The most diverse and inclusive teams in history will emerge rapidly

Companies who embrace it have a first-mover advantage to attract great talent globally

Companies who don’t will lose their best people to their biggest competitors
🤝 Relationships Reimagined: closest social contact decided by your boss’s HR policies is bad

Leads to shallow superficial relationships because the only thing you have in common is your employers bottom line

Tools that inspire deeper new & existing relationships will be huge
🗣 Synchronous Rejection: for too long we’ve accepted disruption and distraction as an excuse for collaboration and communication

Most knowledge working jobs don’t have to be synchronous, productivity is detrimentally effected when they are
😄 Happier People: modern office working has led to the deepening of major societal issues

People will find meaning alongside work by depending on the social relationships of work far less
🌪 Hyper-Turnover: we are about to live through the highest period of turnover between companies in history

Workers will reorganize rapidly, choosing the workplace that suits their working style best
👶 Child Connection: Hearing your child’s first laugh, seeing their first steps won’t just be in the memory of one parent

Being there, feeling like your children know you. Dropping them at school each day. Small things that remote gives
🎫 Visa Issues: The problem with workers having to leave a job due to the expiry of their visas will no longer exist

Companies won’t accept losing their best people simply because their right to be in a specific country expires

Remote will be an easy option
📉4 day work weeks: The arbitrary requirement to work 5 days per week will be diminished as output emerges as the only metrics of performance that matter

A 4 day work week will be the first step, followed by not just a mandate to work anywhere, but to work any time as well
🥨 Ongoing Perks: Coffee, food orders, child care; the next wave of in home perks will give power to each worker to control exactly what they want

Services that let companies provide them while enabling workers to personalize to their preference will explode to prominence
✈️ Travel Explosion: The unshackling of millions of people will lead to revolution

Millions of workers will take working breaks where they travel globally while continuing to work. New visa and forms of taxation will try to emerge to capture this but will prove impossible
🎭 Creativity Explosion: Side hustles, passion projects, fan subscription services will accelerate

No-code tools that lower the barrier to entry, providing infrastructure than let's individuals create better product/content more quickly will be a super power for users
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