The best simile I could think of is a seat belt or an airbag in our cars.
1. Does it afford good protection - Yes.
Just like vaccine.
2. Does it protect you hundred percent? - No.
Just like vaccine: it may not protect you hundred percent.
3. Does it prevent you from getting an accident? -No.
Just like vaccine: it does not prevent you from getting infected.
4. If at all, we get into an accident does it reduce severity? - Yes.
Just like vaccine: it reduces disease severity.
5. Does it mean you can be reckless & fast? -No
Just like vaccine: it does not mean that other prevention measures can avoided (hand hygiene,
safe distancing, mask use)
6. Does a seat belt mean you won't injure others on road? -No
Just like vaccine - you can still infect others.
7. When I wear a seatbelt do I think of the seat belt manufacturing company making money?-
No Just like vaccine
8. Am I happy that someone invented seatbelt?-Oh Yes
Just like vaccine
9.Does seatbelt itself cause problems?-Yes. Injuries are possible
Like vaccines have side effects
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