1) In a bold move the UN is once again linking the climate crisis to the rest of the ecological crisis as it originally was at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. I've a bold request, please make the COP talks starting with COP 26 only consider solutions which address the whole crisis. https://twitter.com/UN/status/1362461953000669187
2) Originally, climate change was separated from the rest of the ecological crisis in the hope of rapidly getting a global agreement to start rapidly reducing CO2 emissions by the 1990s, much in the manner the Montreal Protocol had ended the production of CFCs.
3) With hindsight it was a massive mistake to separate the climate crisis from the much bigger ecological crisis, because dishonest politicians and vested interests have dishonestly pretended that climate change was the only crisis and as such have focused on techno-fixes.
4) By techno-fixes, I am not attacking technology, but the mindset that only focuses on technological solutions to reduce carbon emissions and atmospheric CO2, and does not even acknowledge mitigation and system change i.e. trying to find a way to have our cake and eat it.
5) It is this sole focus on the climate component, which has allowed billionaires like @BillGates to laughably present himself as a climate leader, despite not even mentioning the far bigger ecological crisis, and apparently having no solutions to it. https://www.gmwatch.org/en/news/latest-news/19701-bill-gates-climate-warrior-and-super-emitter
6) Since the COP talks CO2 emissions have massively risen, I believe by about 60% and half the emissions in the whole of human history have been produced during the period we were supposed to be reducing them with the COP talks.
7) The targets of the Paris Agreement are entirely reliant on future technology, which doesn't currently exist and might never exist at the necessary scale, to suck excess CO2 out of the atmosphere.
8) Yesterday I wrote a short essay on why our governments never even consider the option of simply restricting or ending the activities driving the climate and ecological crisis, but will only consider magic techno-fixes, that allow them to continue with business as usual.
10) We must nip in the bud the magical thinking of Net Zero carbon plans, that do not add up and only involve taking action in the distant future, and which ignore the rest of the ecological crisis. If the plan does not address the whole crisis, it should be seen as fraudulent.
11) For clarity I am suggesting that a holistic vision and plan like Making Peace with Nature, has to be at the centre of all future COP talks, if they are not just going to be a distraction, a red herring.
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