Mr. Viral: @ShaanVP

He went from 30k to 100k Twitter followers in 60 days.

How did he do it?

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PRINCIPLE 1: Find Your Tribe

If you want to learn something, surround yourself with people with the same goal.

For Shaan, it was poker in college.

Now, it's Twitter with a 100k club.

Some members (I think):
PRINCIPLE 2: Optimize Everything

Treat your profile like a store: Why should someone buy from (follow) you?

1) Have a clear bio with value prop

2) Have some social proof as the pinned tweet

3) Add a call to follow you at the end of threads
PRINCIPLE 3: Be Timely

@ShaanVP went viral live tweeting @elonmusk's @joinClubhouse with @sriramk.

He went viral again with a thread on @wsbmod.

Write great threads on trending topics.

You will be rewarded.
PRINCIPLE 4: Style Matters

@ShaanVP is very informal when he tweets.

This matches his personality on @myfirstmilpod.

Shaan tweets without capitals and little formatting.

It feels off the cuff.. but it isn't.

Find your style to stand out.
PRINCIPLE 5: Show the Way

Find people you're a few years ahead of and teach them what you wish you knew earlier.

@ShaanVP does this by breaking down businesses and how he would build them.

This helps the next gen of Shaans.
BONUS: When you've hit 100k followers, realize you can lose them in a second.

Work to convert your "rented" followers, to an owned audience.

Examples include a newsletter or podcast subscriber.

Great thread on this topic from @businessbarista:
You caught me.

I studied @ShaanVP and wrote this thread to get more followers.

So follow me @chrishlad for threads on frameworks that help you win.

And go retweet the top of the thread so the big dogs can see it!
You can follow @chrishlad.
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