Sudden Kindergarten outbreak—a once small #COVID19 outbreak in an Austrian🇦🇹 kindergarten exploded from 10 cases Monday to suddenly *32 cases* by Wed—20 cases in kids, 12 adults & caregivers.

(Article in German—translation below). HT @hiems_mollis.
2) “some caregivers complained of symptoms on Saturday. They were then tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on Saturday, despite negative rapid tests on Friday. Already on Sunday, the parents of the 75 kindergarten children were informed via the kindergarten app "KidsFox".
3) “Since then, all children and caregivers have been quarantined, the kindergarten and, for safety reasons, the afternoon care KiLo, are closed until further notice.”
4) “However, the number of cases could continue to rise. Although there is no obligation to test kindergarten children in cases of suspicion, they are only considered as K1 persons and have to be quarantined, but a large number of parents have so far had their children tested.
5) “From our point of view, the test density is very high. From an epidemiological point of view, this is very good," says District Governor Norbert Haselsteiner.
6) “As at present, however, the positive Covid cases from Loosdorf are also subjected [sequencing], but this lasts ten days. Only then will it be possible to know whether it is a new type of coronavirus.”
7) while cases so far are mild, keep in mind kids can develop #LongCovidKids too. Like this 13 year old.
8) England also seeing #COVID19 positivity of young kids becoming higher than adults every since primary schools started reopening in U.K.
9) we’ve known for a long time the Covid in kids often tracks with schools.
10) Something similar in an Italian village outbreak — 60% of infections were in kids in kindergarten / primary school in that outbreak. It matches the 20 out of 32 cases in this Austrian outbreak so far too.
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