There's probably a million reasons on why Clubhouse will not SPAC.

However, I'll list a couple on why it MIGHT just make sense with $VYGG.

It's [SPACULATION] Thread Time ⬇️🧵
I've covered Alexander Tamas from a previous $VYGG

He's the gold standard when it comes to social networks/internet and led some of the most major tech investments of that time, including Facebook, Airbnb, Spotify, Twitter, Alibaba, Zalando.
When others doubted Facebook as a long-term sustainable business back in 2009, Tamas led a $200m investment in the company.

What about the rest of $VYGG's team?

All their experience is around social media, networks, data, and tech.

- Founder of Twitch
- Founder of Reddit
- Founder of Dropbox
- Founder of Lookout
- VP Facebook
- VP Google/Android

That's one hell of a rockstar team in general!
Find the full $VYGG thread here:
Fast forward almost 7 months: Clubhouse exploding (2.5m users), they did another fundraising round to help the startup scale up by hiring more people and investing in creators.

Once again, led by Andreessen Horowitz. Now valued at $1bn. Almost 10x.
Clubhouse needs additional funding to grow more. They are currently still invite-only. The app is only iOS. Very US-centric.

But they created enough buzz to get the world's attention.

Celebs like Elon Musk, Kanye, Kevin Hart, Mark Cuban, and @BillSPACman are on it.
Check this Reddit thread. Over 700 replies of individuals asking where they can invest in Clubhouse stock (still doesn't exist)..
Back to $VYGG.

Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz (Clubhouse biggest backers) are very smart but critical investors. They're not crazy about SPACs in general.

However, they had this to say about Tamas back in 2011:
The $VYGG team is everything Clubhouse might need to mature as a social platform.

Tamas: business 🐐
Hering: security (Lookout)
Kan: streaming (Twitch)
Huffman: community (Reddit)
Olivan: social (Facebook)
Barra: android (Google)
Jaswa/Hereden: tech/SV experience
Oh, and almost the entire $VYGG squad is already on Clubhouse.
And Justin seems a tad bit too excited about Clubhouse...
$VYGG raised $500m + a potential $100m forward purchase agreement.

@atamas if you're reading this and you haven't thought about Clubhouse at all, go for it!
Finally, this is all PURE SPECULATION. Not investment advice. Not recommendation to buy. All the bla bla bla

Clubhouse or not, $VYGG has one of the best teams I've seen for a SPAC.

Special thanks to @_Mel__Kim for all the insights, one of the smartest people here. Follow her!!
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