today i said Jewish culture requires dancing on the graves of those who have wronged us and i picked up like 300 followers LMAO

people love Jewish vengeance 🤣🤣

wait till they hear about Purim
On Purim we get drunk and celebrate the failure of Haman, advisor to the King of Persia, who tried to kill all the Jews in the kingdom. And we eat cookies called Hamantaschen that some say are in the shape of Haman's ears that were cut off after he failed.
There are also costumes and parades.

We've literally been dancing on Haman's grave since ~ the 400s BCE.
Listen just don't wrong the Jewish people we will very literally make a holiday out of your defeat.
(the other origin story for Hamantaschen is that it's not his cut off ears but, in fact, the shape of his hat. I do admit I love the idea that we shame him so much we literally eat his hat.)
Nothing tastes better then spite TBH.
This is, in fact, the major theme of basically all our holidays. They tried to kill us, they failed, let's eat.
Silliness aside, Purim is also an extremely feminist holiday because even though we dance on Haman's grave, we actually mostly celebrate Esther who saved us from him.
¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ good luck everyone that tries to fuck with us sorry that's not gonna work out for you
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