GOOD news—if you have certain Neanderthal DNA 🧬 & get #COVID19. People with certain Neanderthal genes on chromosome 12 have lower rates of ICU. This region encodes proteins that activate enzymes that are important during infections with RNA viruses.
2) That said, another Neanderthal gene is bad. “Recently, it was shown that a haplotype in a region on chromosome 3 is associated with becoming critically ill upon infection with #SARSCoV2 and was contributed to modern humans by Neanderthals”.
3) For this new finding, “a haplotype on chromosome 12, which is associated with a ∼22% reduction in relative risk of becoming severely ill with #COVID19, is inherited from Neandertals. This haplotype is present at substantial frequencies in all regions of 🌎 outside Africa.”
9) For this current study that was protective, “the index variant of the protective haplotype in the GenOMICC study (rs10735079) matches all three Neandertal genomes available. The relative risk of needing ICU is reduced by ∼22% per copy of the Neandertal haplotype (OR= 0.78)”
10) the G allele of the index variant “rs10735079” is lower in Africans and certain Asian populations, and much more common in Europe (as expected in Neanderthals), but its still quite dispersed.
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