My hidden benefits of intermittent fasting

(It’s not just about skipping breakfast.)

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I Lost Fat

I know this one seems obvious but, I also stopped running everyday at this time. (winter makes running outside nearly impossible.)

I just lifted weights 3 to 4 times a week. I STILL lost fat.
I was actively getting less actual exercise and losing weight faster than when I was working out a lot more.
I Had Better Mental Clarity

I struggled with ADD for most of my life, its hard to focus and concentrate and be productive for long periods of time.
I found ways to manage it, but never really a solution. After about 1 month of fasting, I slowly noticed I was able to read longer, concentrate longer, perform boring tasks for longer periods of time.

The only constant change was that I was only eating twice a day.
Food Tastes Much Better

I never changed what I ate, just when I ate.

Usually, 10am and 5pm.

I would only drink coffee, water, or tea any time before or after those times.
One day the wife wanted me to try some blackberries she bought, I told her it would have to wait until one of my mealtimes.

Long story short I ate the damn blackberries.

I will tell you this was the BEST blackberry I ever had in my life!
Reduces Decision Overload in the Morning

Morning routines can be extremely daunting, what do I wear? What do I want to eat? What time is work? Where are my Keys?

All these choices can lead to decision fatigue, making you tired before you even start the day.
All these choices can lead to decision fatigue, making you tired before you even start the day.

Knowing that I am not eating in the morning reduces the stress of finding or making something. Makes the day much more balanced.
I Sleep A Lot Better

I never used to sleep well; I would always wake up feeling not rested.

After about a month or 2 of intermittent fasting, I started waking up rested and with a clear head.

I was excited to get up and attack the day, and get started on all my dreams.
Lessons Learned

I feel younger, stronger, smarter, and ready to overcome anything that life throws at me.
The only question is why I waited.
Haven’t tried intermittent fasting? Here’s a mini guide:
•Don’t eat until around noon.
•Only drink water, black coffee or tea during your fast
•Eat nutrient dense, satiating food
•Only have an 8 hour eating window
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