World is very much aware of Radical Islamists. Radical Islamists are the votebank of Congress and AAP in India.
So to appease them, Congress started whining ‘Hindutva propaganda’. Radical Islamists rejoiced and joined in. 1/4
Congress- Nooooooooooo! Radical Islamists, you’re so piece-loving. All you want is to populate India with your people. Hindus who complain are bad!

No, not all Hindus are bad because some support us. Others are bad. So we will call them Hindutva people. 2/4
Nescient Hindus think Hindu & Hindutva are different terms with different meaning.

How successfully these vicious people have sown the seeds of divide within Hindus!

They’ve literally forgotten their roots. So much that they make fun of cow dυng only to demean others. 3/4
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