Anti-muslim sentiment is the strongest unifying force for andh bhakti
Over the last 6 years, I have lived a dual life. A non partisan, neutral opinion guy with little interest in politics and an opinionated anti BJP guy especially on FB.
Using my neutral profile I have probed many a bhakts. This is what I could figure out, from various qual work of probing these bhakts, as to what runs in the subterranean rivulets of the bhakti minds:
A. Most have lived all their lives with very little exposure to muslims. Ghettoisation has made this process of isolation even more complete
B. There opinion of muslims are based on sporadic news, images mixed with liberal dose of prejudices. And these prejudices are reinforced
every time they see a visibly dressed muslim person. All learned biases come to the fore of a bhakt (One even confessed to me "I can't stand the look of these people. Terrible and uncultured!")
C. My probing to learn about the sources of prejudice lead to poor comprehension...
half read, part motivated and mostly extrapolated information :
- poor opinion of Pakistan & Bangladesh (the usual biases...they stole our ancient land, they are rabidly religious people, they don't like our progress, they hide their identity and come to work in prosperous India,
we are nice people and give them work but if you go there they will not give you work...etc etc)
- Middle East is an oil rich but terrible place where muslims go around bombing each other. Once they have eliminated all opposition (these countries don't allow any other religion
while we are too nice and allow all religions!, they start killing each other as Shia and Sunni sects don't like each other. Israel is the only country that can teach them a lesson.
- Muslims are spreading all over especially into Europe. They take their bigotry to those country.
They blindly listen to Mullahs and do terrible things to locals who gave them sanctuary. Look how they have spoilt France and now Sweden and Germany.
- their religion itself says that all non muslims are kafirs and should be either converted or eliminated. They are cruel and
have terrible eating habit of bleeding animals. They revel in gore. The long term goal, as taught by Quran, is to eliminate all other religions from world.
- They have many wives, uneducated and don't have rich culture like us. Mughals were cruel and crude people. Their prophet
has forbidden music or drawing paintings with images of people. If you draw Prophet's pictures, they will cut your head.
The amazing thing is that my qual work (done mostly with upper caste privileged people but with some with depressed classes as well) shows they have learnt a
sanitised version of Hinduism cleansing it of its internal contradictions:
- it is a great religion and is the most tolerant of all. It allows you to worship whichever way you wish. It is actually not a religion but a way of life.
Sanatana Dharma gives equal freedom to women, gays, handicapped..all. Some people misuse our religion forcing gau mata, modest dress style etc., but those are fringe people. They don't represent Hinduism
- Caste is based on your profession. Anyone can be a Brahmin. If you are a
teacher, you can call yourself a Brahmin. Some foolish people enforced it (may be muslims or British I heard). Caste is long gone. I dont discriminate anyone on caste. In fact, I don't know caste of most of my friends.
- Therefore reservation should be removed. It is hurting merit. Undeserving people whose fathers used reservation, become rich, keep getting advantage at my expense. This is all done by Cong for vote bank politics.
- Most Politicians, other than BJP, use caste to win.
Lalu, Mayawati, Mulayam, Cong are scourges to be removed. In fact, BJP is most secular and like Hinduism doesn't care about religion. For e.g. they made Kalam (sometimes stated as first Muslim President!) because he was a good muslim.
- Hindus should unite and work together.
Our niceness has been taken advantage of in the past. Our Vedas and our culture is far superior in every way. It was corrupt Cong that kept us poor. Modi ji will make us great.
When I probe if they have close friends among Dalits or OBCs, they feign ignorance
"I never ask anyone's caste. So I dont know of anyone."
And so I usually ask "Do you know any poor person more closely?" Usually they have a ready answer "We are close to the maid. We help her kids paying tuition fee," or "We help the mali/security guard."
Basically, most people I meet in privileged class live a ghettoed life among their caste types. Interestingly, Dalits have also moved closer to BJP. Two things have driven their movement:
A. Using whatsapp and other messaging, a great enemity has been created with Muslim.
Much of above prejudices, albeit with much less knowledge of middle east or Europe, exist in good measure. Again, over the years the overlap between Dalit and Muslim Ghettos have reduced to enable these suspicions to flourish.
B. Welfare measures from Modi and his larger than life presence in every dole handed out has enabled them to believe the propaganda that Modi is focused on their lot
C. The RSS propaganda machinery, through its cadre involvement, has tried to convey that there is no caste divide
in "real" Hinduism and its job is to eliminate it. Anyone can be a Brahmin if you can strive to be Viswaguru is the underlying message.
With 80% of privileged caste and more than half the Dalits voting for BJP, it has a secure future getting 35-40% of votes.
Given these equations, I dont see them let go of the anti muslim rhetoric. In fact, the intensity will only grow.
The only spoke in the wheel is this: Welfarism to win Dalit vote is getting expensive and hurting budget (one way they are seeing to keep this welfare budget is to
make Farmers Atmanirbhar! 😀).
And so it is experimenting with two parallel strategies:
A. Scare the opposition using state machinery. Choke their funding sources to further weaken them and finally discredit them on mass media and social media with paid trolls
B. Create rifts in middle castes and OBCs by seeding fear of "anti nationals who are working to hold back their future and therefore bringing disrepute to country." Through this anger, creating angst against "rich elites" (not Adani types etc.) as the true source of their misery.
basically displace anger to an amorphous "Khan market gang wheeler dealer type." Nowadays, they are emboldened enough to include George Soros, Greta, Rihanna, China...every foreign country to prove a great alignment of enemies not wanting "a great and prosperous India."
As I keep saying, this strategy will succeed for a decade or so. But ultimately, this untamed, maniacal vision will unravel under its own weight. Our collective economic and social destruction is certain at some point in time.
I dont see any other way this will happen.
Every metric of this country's capabilities and wealth creation indicators point to this outcome. Unless some miracle happens.
Miracles remain our only hope!
Definitely not Modi ji.
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