okay southern friends / people without power -- as someone who has lived thorough many, many power outages in negative temps, while the priority is to get somewhere warm if you *can* if you're trapped at home -- here of some of the things that can help

- layers of loose fitting clothes will keep you warmer than layers tight

-put towels / blankets / etc over windows, and if you can, choose a "warm room" for all of you to stay in that you can insulate. shove towels under doors, tape over door frames if possible.
-keep your hands and feet warm. put them under your armpits, wrap them if you have to. wear a hat indoors if needed to keep your ears warm.

-if you still have water, bottles of hot water at the foot of your bed under your sheets will help warm them up / create a "cave" of warmth
-turn on ALL your faucets so a teeny, tiny drip is going. trust me. you DO NOT want your pipes to burst in negative temps. it is an actual nightmare. someone on my tl was worried about wasting water but you will waste a lot more if you flood your house lol
if you still have gas you can use, a hot pot of water on the stove will help with heat and humidity; dry air indoors in the winter is the worst. boiling pots of water will help on both ends
also, pantyhose are a godsend for layering. those bitches are WARM. wearing them under baggy sweatpants or something will make a world of difference. we did this when michigan got hit w an ice storm and we had no power for a week lol
if you've never had to layer in the cold before, some of the best things you can wear are wool, flannel, silk, and fleece. Moisture-wicking fabrics and natural fibers are ideal for under layers; wool and flannel for top, bc they insulate you but they can't wick moisture away
if there are multiple levels to your house, just accept that the top floor is going to be the warmest. heat rises, cold air sinks. if you have a particularly toasty bedroom it's easier to convert that to a "warm room" instead of trying to heat the entire house.
shut doors to any rooms you don't absolutely need. stuff towels under the doors. got an office, a spare bedroom, etc? seal it off so you're not "wasting" warm air on that room.
DO NOT: bring a generator inside. ever. EVER. and don't run it in your garage, either. generators have to run 30 ft away from your home; most northerners know this, but we can't expect southerners to.
during the day, you can pull towels / etc down from windows if you have bright sunlight in and -- this is going to sound silly -- sitting in the sun in dark-colored clothing is a godsend when you're stuck in a freezing ass house lol

make sure you recover windows at night
if you're able to heat foods -- hot foods like tea, soups, etc will help. there's a reason ever ~idyllic~ christmas movie has folks coming in from the snow to drink hot cocoa and broth lol. now is the time to live your greatest tea / soup / chili aesthetic dreams
if you have pets, you need to monitor them when they're outside. dogs can get frostbite on their paws; let them out to do their business and bring them back in. animals are good at letting you know when they're cold, but don't be afraid to make blanket nests / etc for them
oh -- if you're desperate to block drafts and you have them, pool noodles are a god send. cut them in half (length wise not like....down the middle) and wrap them in fabric and jam that shit under your door.
for bedding, fluffy stuff goes closest to you (goal is to have pockets of warm air!) the thinner and denser the layers of bedding are, the closer they should go to the top. so if you're sleeping with, safe, a fluffy duvet and two blankets, duvet touches your skin, blankets on top
i am literally so sorry for everyone stuck in this position. being without power in the cold is a nightmare. you'll feel like you're losing your mind, and cold /hurts/. tldr: multiple loose layers, block the drafts, block off as many rooms as possible, and hot drinks, if you can.
this too! cuddle with a hot water bottle or a mug of tea if you have to!! https://twitter.com/KimberlyBlack/status/1361700586446462976?s=20
i'll add more as i think of them. also going to text my dad who is mr outdoors and wears shorts in negative temps and has managed to stay alive after falling in rivers in -15 degree weather LMFAO so if jeff has any tips, will add them here
a tip from papa mix; don’t wear cotton because it absorbs moisture and will make you cold
this too! https://twitter.com/corylwrites/status/1361705743141978112
Good tip for folks live in a trailer’s that I didn’t think of https://twitter.com/retired_rebel/status/1361707961689776139
this too — please, please check on your neighbors. And if you have to nothing heats up a room like bodies. Perfectly reasonable for a few households to combine into one for a few days if needed. Been there! https://twitter.com/ravensaranight/status/1361709735293165577
Oh and if you’re not used to being without power, open your fridge and freezer as little as possible so the food will keep longer. war flashbacks to me being a kid and my parents saying wOULD YOU QUIT OPENING THE FRIDGE THE MILK WILL SPOIL 💀
This too! Go run your car for a little bit every day! Like literally just a minute or so, if you can, so your battery won’t die https://twitter.com/ris_silvia/status/1361717030437593094
i have to mute this, but i will add more advice as it pops up. i am thinking of you all!
this one is important, too! same goes for caffeine!

also, you can line your windows with cardboard for temporary insulation. put those amazon packages to work! https://twitter.com/Bikebabe/status/1361829959065460736?s=20
just realized the irony of my book title in a thread....about staying warm...

anyways, will continue adding tips as they come in! please stay safe!
yes, this! also, humidity with help with warmth; if your stove is working, you can boil pots of snow rather than wasting water to generate heat + some humidity in the air.

please do NOT drink former-snow-water unless you boil it multiple times lol https://twitter.com/skullisland1919/status/1361735139106127876?s=20
adding this as an option for folks! here in michigan, we literally buy window kits that are just sheets of plastic you tape over the windows. if you have power, once it's sealed, use a hair dryer to shrink the plastic so it's air tight https://twitter.com/mvwrite/status/1361835471572135939?s=20
adding to the thread; cuddle with your family and/or pets in the designated warm room. also, don't forget you can put shirts, socks, etc on pets to keep them warm if they're getting cold! https://twitter.com/Marjameslor/status/1361831979679891456?s=20
also just adding another reminder/plea to please, please check on your neighbors, particularly any elderly and/or disabled folks in your community, bc they may not know or be able to do many of the things in this thread. if they're able to stay with you, even better. more heat!
adding to the thread. i said this elsewhere, but this goes for generators, too. DO NOT RUN THEM INSIDE. https://twitter.com/ACanadensis/status/1361836228258263042?s=20
friends keep yelling at me to stick this here; to be clear i 10000000000% DO NOT expect anything from anyone, i literally am just. keeping this thread going bc i want people to be safe

that said! i am in medical debt from a TBI! so this...exists, lol https://ko-fi.com/mixbecca 
good tip for pipes! https://twitter.com/Taradactyl74/status/1361850678117756928?s=20
adding this! and seconding the wool socks i actually shoved snow with wool socks on my hands today bc i could not find gloves LMAO

did i look weird? yes. were my fingers nice n toasty? also yes https://twitter.com/loxyisme/status/1361851396853821440?s=20
also this one will make you feel ridiculous, but if you're out shoveling snow and you don't have waterproof boats, a plastic grocery bag and/or bread bag tied OVER wool socks inside your boots will keep your feet from getting wet!

keep! your feet! dry! above! all! else!
this is also true! if you need to move perishable food into your garage / your porch, go for it! you will feel silly, but hey. at least it will stay cold. https://twitter.com/jeralibu/status/1361843226110398465?s=20
lol i think people know i meant waterproof boots in that other tweet not....waterproof boats........but. just clarifying, just in case
more tips on how to insulate your windows https://twitter.com/IDimdins/status/1361861751101419522?s=20
sticking this here for people w/o water because folks chimed in in the replies with advice https://twitter.com/asalinas9517/status/1361705621758873600?s=20
didn’t even THINK to cover driving in the snow good lord


If you’re going to hit something, try and aim for a snowbank and/or bushes. Been there, it sucks. Better than a tree or another car 🙃 https://twitter.com/kimberlyblack/status/1361701810591862788
please please try not to leave if you’ve never driven on ice before but if you must — drive sloooow, and be SUPER alert at intersections and approach them at a snail space. people can & will slide through lights & stop signs.
cold weather is especially dangerous for folks w asthma; thread here explains why / how to stay safe. keep your inhaler on you, try to stay indoors, stay near humidity, etc https://twitter.com/ThirdStreetMKE/status/1361876611172339712?s=20
adding this here and reminding you guys again do not do not do not run grills / generators / etc inside https://twitter.com/TheFeeshBoi/status/1361875746432630784?s=20
ok folks i am tapping out on the thread for the night but i will try to add more in the morning if more tips come up. please, please stay safe! thinking of y'all tonight. wear your layers, drink water, don't wear cotton, cuddle your pets, seal off doorways, etc!!
good morning! another good tip. tbh even lit candles can add warmth to a room, but this is a great way to make heaters https://twitter.com/rathaver/status/1362054595254489094
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