How it started. How it’s going.

Maybe Texas leaders & @ERCOT_ISO should learn that for power grids, “sharing is caring”. #texaspoweroutage
2) Most of the electric failure in Texas is due to thermal power outages.
3) Texas has a massive 21 GW deficit right now. Most isn’t from wind. Wind is down 2.6 GW from normal. But that is still small part of total deficit.
4) As for the smaller 2.6 GW deficit due to wind, Texas should have cold weather winterized its wind turbines too. See thread 🧵
6) maybe we should solve this sooner before we make COVID worse.
8) And then this price gouging scheme just happened.
9) Texas leaders still putting money ahead of lives. true to form.
10) Meanwhile, here is what is really happening. It’s a free market race to the bottom.
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