okay, here is what we know about whole '21 year old climate activist' saga!

1. Dish Ravi is the name of said climate activist.

2. As per @dna report, she agreed in court that she had edited two lines of Toolkit tweeted by Greta
3. reports mention that police has alleged she was the one who sent the toolkit to Greta

4. Disha now has sedition charges against her

5. Toolkit had several instructions, along with the request to participate in AskIndiaWhy campaign
6. This campaign is run by Political Justice Foundation (PJF), whose founder openly supports demand of Khalistan

7. This man also has said on camera that 'farm law repeal is just the beginning'

8. Police also alleges that this man joined a zoom call with Nikita Jacob
9. Nikita is another accused in the same case.

10. Police has reportedly writen to Google as well as Zoom to get more details about the creators of the toolkit and details of the said zoom call
11. The toolkit, albeit tweeted on 3rd Feb, was created much before it. This is confirmed by Greta, as she later tweeted a new toolkit calling the earlier one outdated.

Also, the original toolkit had instructions to organize protest on 26th Jan.
12. Now, let's go back to Disha. She is also active part of "Fridays for Future - India", the Indian branch of Greta's global groups to organize climate change protest
13. What is yet to be ascertained is the level of involvement Disha had with the toolkit.

It's now clear that Toolkit promoted a pro-khalistani group's campaign. But, it also promoted other instructions for the protest.
14. So, at this moment, we don't know how many exact people were involved in all this and who had what intention

Setting aside ideological differences, if we think from different perspective, it may very well be possible that few people genuinely were there to help armer protest
Now, that makes them hugely ill-informed about farm laws with a positive intent.

Apart from these people, there were certainly few people with ulterior motives. With a negative intent, they tried to promote their agenda under the cover of farmers. These people need to be found.
Let's just hope that this investigation reaches to its logical conclusion! 🙏
I have written this thread based on publically available information best to my knowledge.

If you think something needs to be added/altered do comment below 👇
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