I know what my next computer is gonna be
Barbie is pretty bold to still be rocking what looks to be a TRS-80 Model II in 1987.
That computer is 8 years old at that point.
it could also be an IBM 5120
and it has a bit of similarity to a Heathkit H19 terminal
Maybe a Heathkit H89?
A bit like a Wang VS-100.
Intertec Superbrain?
Found another image. Yeah, those are definitely Model II floppy drives.

Also apparently Barbie likes a lot of emoji
oh wow, check out this one!
That's 100% Windows 3.1 there, and I'm pretty sure I have that case on the left.
Here's one from 1984. (from set #7897)
that might just be a kinda boring ADM-3a influenced design
or maybe an ADM-2, given the blue theme
this one is listed as "college dorm life" but I think the seller's choice to use a naked and dirty doll there really helps complete it
It's a fax from Barbie®
It's a fax from Barbie®
this one isn't barbie, but it's interesting because of how they just put an XP screenshot on screen.

also that's a compact ortho keyboard
Barbie is back on the Mac for this one
ok that's not just blatantly a mac, it is marked as such.
This one marks itself as an IBM but is a design that doesn't really look like any IBM PC
more XP
This is an American Girl computer, which doesn't SAY it's a mac, but it's clearly a mac.
That's a surprisingly well designed keyboard for a toy.
for the opposite, compare to this one.
"hey, alex, how many keys do computers have? like 21? yeah, it's probably 21"
nice keyboard, nice tower, but that's not a monitor, it's a TV.
Monitors don't have RCA jacks on the front
That's cute. This is a miniature sold at Hobby Lobby and the computer is showing the Hobby Lobby website.
(I mean, fuck Hobby Lobby, but still, neat)
ahh, computers.
that keyboard layout is interesting. it kinda looks like they pulled it off a wedgecomputer, like a Laser XT or a Tandy 1000 EX.

Also that tower is backwards.
This one is from 2004 and barbie is still using an all-in-one dumb terminal computer.

I think this bear may be using a Macintosh Quadra 800
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