5 modern thinkers that have shaped my outlook on health, wealth, and life.

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1) Jordan Peterson @jordanbpeterson

Deserves much more than a small thread on twitter, as most of my recent transformations are due to this man.
I started pushing outside my comfort zone. I cleaned my room, and slowly fixed myself to the best of my ability. I toughened up and started treating myself like I mattered.
Dr. Peterson taught me to never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, and do not apologize if you did not do anything wrong.
2) Elon Musk @elonmusk

I man known by many, understood by a few. I have watched Elon create amazing things, from electric cars, neuro implants, space travel, and yes ever flamethrowers.
This is a man that will stop at nothing to achieve his dreams, read what helped and started building everything he needs to get there, this kind of self-determination is so inspiring.

If one man can revolutionize the world to make his dream a reality, what is stopping me?
There is nothing stopping anyone from doing anything, just need to figure it out how to do it. Everyone will call you crazy, until you do it.
3) Naval Ravikant @naval

The Angel Investor, the philosopher of Twitter, you cannot stay on Twitter long without seeing a tweet from Naval.
He is a driving force for trying to create systems and to stop trying to rent out my time to create the life I want.

Using leverage, I am closer to my goal of financial independence than I ever would have been by trying to rent out my time.
4) Mark Manson @IAmMarkManson

I first discovered Mark Manson through the book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F@ck.

It quickly became one of my favorite books of all time. Stop trying to change yourself, change your actions and how you respond to problems.
Stop caring about what people think, put your f@cks into things that matter, and do not waste them. Mark Manson is not your typical self-help-guru.
He made me reflect on my past, and how everything in my past shaped my present, even the things I could not change, I could have changed how I responded to them. Mark Manson has transformed my thinking and reframed how I looked at the world.
I owe a lot of my current outlook of approaching challenges to him.
5) Jocko Willick @jockowillink

Jocko is known as one of the most disciplined people on the planet.

Jocko’s no-nonsense attitude of getting up consisting every morning at 430 to work out and get shit done really resonated with me.
Procrastination is the dream killer. Just because you do not want to do something does not mean it is going away, so you might as well just get up and do it.

I started getting up every day at 530 and started my day. Whether I read, workout, or meditated,
did not matter I just started my day.

Jocko is the main reason I push everyday to be the husband my wife and future kids deserve.

I owe my newly found grit and determination to him.
You never know when someone will say something that will change your life for the better. Sometimes you have to take a hard look at yourself and fix what doesn't work, and find what does.
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