Since this is big news today I'm going to outline the dangers of becoming dependent on renewables without dependable back-up systems. I am a Electrician/Energy management specialist for those interested I am going to share some common industry knowledge in this thread.
Customers does not equate to houses, these could be commercial buildings as well. So to correct for this lets bump it up to an even 60kWh per day. Being conservative as this is not an average day.

What is a kWh?:
We are looking at 60kWh X 2.5 Million = 150 Million kWh or 150,000 MWh. Divide that by 24 for an hourly shortfall of 6,250 MWh.
Your average windmill in Texas has a rating of 2.5 Mega Watts. That's 100% they rarely produce that, but lets assume 100%, that's only 2500 windmills.
It gets even worse the larger the scale when you look at look at power consumption swings. In Texas alone there are 9.7 Million Households X 39.2 kWh per day = 380,240,000 kWh/Day or 380 GWh/Day.
You have a 10kWh average swing that's a 97 GWh increase. 
Having a basic grasp of these numbers is important to understand what I am going to say next. The wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine and sometimes your wind mill gets coated in ice. We are reducing the reliability of the grid the larger the % of renewables.
If we are not investing in reliable back up systems at the same time as we expand renewables what you are seeing today will become the norm. A natural gas turbine plant doesn't shutdown because of weather. Battery back up Megapacks are great but @elonmusk isn't Jesus.
Today is not the norm, but its not the norm that constitutes reliability. Our electrical grid is in trouble what's the cause: policy, financial, public opinion, corruption, corp. greed, education, communication? it's not one thing, energy should be something we are all versed in.
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