For 10 years, I set big goals for myself and they paid off.

I quit my job as a high school teacher after 10 years.
I’ve grown a successful side hustle.
I have a GREAT job that I love.

Despite those wins, I think I was wrong.

Here’s what I learned along the way 👇
Often our goals come from... not great places.

— Exes
— Toxic friends
— Gradeschool
— Political parties
— Absent parents
— Oppressive Religion

Understanding where our goals really come from may be the difference between fulfillment and lying on your deathbed, full of regret.
We also set goals for the wrong people:

“The reason that most of us are unhappy most of the time is that we set our goals not for the person we’re going to be when we reach them, but we set our goals for the person we are when we set them." - @coudal

Pause and think about this.
Part of unpacking goal-setting is answering a question that I recently heard from @jamesclear:


James also gives two caveats:

1. It could take you a decade to answer it.
2. You may only have a good answer in fleeting periods

And that's ok.
↗️ Framework 1: Goals are dead. Long live vectors.

@elonmusk's "people as vectors" analogy has been helpful.

— Be "directionally" correct
— Aligning your actions to the direction you’re heading
— Direction is > achieving a specific result.
The difference is... vast.

Goals 👉 Print out Mapquest

Direction 👉 Check your GPS

With a GPS, it doesn’t matter if you miss a turn or have to make a last second change, or even have to change lanes...

You know you’ll still end up at your destination.
↗️ Framework 2:

Most people have never heard this 9 year old debate between @leobabauta and @tferriss.

Treat it as canon to thinking about your goals and whether or not they serve you. 
Here's what comes next:

1. Figuring out who TF you are and WTF you want.

2. Decide whether goals, or directions, serve us better and start to assess why we want these things.

If you're like me and still on that path, this kit from @wnrstweets helps:
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