1. This will require some patient reading although it wont be a popular assessment #DishaRavi is a dumkopf... But if she made the #Toolkit & did not publicly publish it for any action.. then there is no real offence.. But public & govt want to hang someone https://twitter.com/RatanSharda55/status/1361181517985185795
2. In the same breath as the FIR against #DishaRavi.. why did DP & GOI not act against Greta Toonberg?... Greta actually PUBLISHED the Toolkit worldwide for ACTION.. and that directly amounts to a criminal act.. if at all there is any Criminality.. https://twitter.com/RMCpost/status/1361266884767670280
3. How stupid would it be.. To book & arrest Martin Scorsese because the guy who shot Ronald Reagan (John Hinckley) was driven to despair by "Taxi Driver"? Or to arrest JD Salinger for "Catcher in the rye" bec that book drove Mark Chapman to kill John Lennon?.. ABSOLUTELY STUPID
4. How stupid would it be... to not arrest the murderer but arrest the gun-maker? Thats what this is.. No action against Toonberg (culprit) while action only against #DishaRavi the gunmaker... Why? Because this Champu Disha wont damage @NarendraModi worldwide like Greta would?
5. Dear @RatanSharda55 No matter how much I hold #DishaRavi & her types in CONTEMPT.. The awful TRUTH is... @NarendraModi WILL NOT act against Greta for a BIGGER crime bec he fears Intl outrage.. but #DishaRavi is "Easy Pickings".. Thats what it is.. END! https://twitter.com/RMCpost/status/1361268608584744960
Show me which Act of Law defines "Break India" gang... by that logic... Sonia, Pappu and all should be in jail long ago... Dont let emosuns drive your "Legal" thinking.. https://twitter.com/lotusprings/status/1361268255428468738
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