Remote isn’t just about the future of work

It’s a bridge to a higher quality of life

Rather than a job – and an office – being the anchor of our social lives, it’s about democratising access to opportunity

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Remote work should lead to individuals having more choice

Not just spending time with people selected by HR teams, where your deepest common bond is a shared reliance on the economic success of that employer – where if that changes relationships end
Offices have been great for certain demographics – but disqualified/discriminated against almost most others

- single parents
- caring for family members
- health conditions and impairments

The offices makes staying in office work incredibly difficult if not impossible
‘What about young people in shares apartments’


But is this an issue with remote or the implication of expensive cities and needing to live close enough to commute daily?
‘There are mental health implications’


But is this a natural issue with remote work, or an implication of COVID-enforced lockdown WFH where we can’t see family, friends, go to coffee shops or travel?
Is remote work perfect? No.
Is every person going to do it? No.

But should every individual have the flexibility to select the mode of work that they happiest with?


Going forward, millions of people will have that.
There absolutely has to be more rigorous debate on this

I’m very concerned companies replicate ‘office culture’ and expectations remotely and we end up with surveillance tech in people’s homes
The elongation of synchronous expectations would be disastrous

Replicating the office remotely is equally as bad

We need to use this paradigm shift to create a new system that leads to a higher quality of life.
If we just think about remote as the ‘future of work’ remote won’t have the impact it should

This isn’t about replicating what we have – it’s about creating something new which is exponentially better

We need to build ‘the future of living’
Much of the discourse around remote is plain wrong

Almost every ‘issue’ people highlight about it is actually an implication of the high cost living in cities & needing to live close enough to commute daily

And spending more time at the office, & less with people we choose
Remote isn’t perfect

But it replaces a broken system which is a remnant of the industrial revolution

We must get how it replaces it right rather than just thinking about it as an upgrade of what already exists
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