disha ravi co-founded @FFFIndia campaign. she & her peers across the world are the courageous & brilliant young activists who’ve led the global movement for climate justice in recent years.
on feb 4 delhi police had filed an FIR against the creators of the toolkit @GretaThunberg shared (btw the creators are a canadian nonprofit). many speculated that india did this to scare and target local activists who were supporting the #farmersprotest
disha’s “crime”? merely sharing a public document that contained the most basic info for online organization - a suggestion of what people can tweet. what hashtags they can use. and so on.
once greta tweeted, india got intl backlash for their attack on farmers. modi’s gov't lost their minds & needed a diversion so they zeroed in on the toolkit. suddenly a basic google doc was labeled a tool of sedition. indian media got to work & crafted a conspiracy for the ages
today, disha ravi has been arrested for a TWEET. one source said that delhi police have also accused disha of contributing to this toolkit. disha is a young activist being scapegoated by a regime seeking to use her as a pawn to suppress dissenting voices.
the #farmersprotest is a climate justice movement. farmers are worried about ecological destruction & want environmentally friendly practices. india is scared of the coalitions forming against these laws. disha’s arrest is a way to break this solidarity.
we demand india #freedisharavi. we demand they #freenodeepkaur and all the other women in jail w her. we demand they #freeshivkumar & the hundreds of innocent farmers they’ve illegally arrested for practicing their democratic right to protest.

enough is enough.
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