The RW Self Goal !

One of the biggest self goals that RW ecosystem in India, especially those active in SM have done is that in haste or lack of understanding maybe, started calling everyone who opposes them as ‘Liberals’ ! Hard core religious fundamentalists and anti India
Forces wouldn’t have wished for a better positioning. By calling hardliners like Rana, Arfa etc as ‘liberals’, the RW dilutes their aggression and radical thinking. ‘Liberalism’ in principle is much closer to RW in many ways actually than the state controlled Left. RWers
arguing on international discussion forums think that they are insulting hardliners by calling them Liberals, Librandu etc. What a mess ! This is giving a free pass to Rana and gang to propagate their agenda in international media and be taken as some real progressive liberals,
Fighting for everyone’s right and well being. And if you think they’ll be happy under state controlled Left ecosystem, you’re wrong again. Their ideology is religion based rule and they should be called out for it. Stop calling everyone ‘Liberals’! They are far from it !
After reading comments -
1. You might be calling them ‘Liberals’ out of sarcasm. But the world doesn’t understand that. So it doesn’t help.
2. Long time back I started calling them as ‘CLODICALS’. Closet Radicals. But it’s not a term in popular use so nobody gets it :)
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