🚨 $VYGG/VY Global Growth: A star-studded SPAC with global focus and outreach in Europe & Asia.

- $500m raised
- Led by Alexander Tamas (VY Capital)
- Team of seasoned international Silicon Valley entrepreneurs
- Targeting tech/internet businesses

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VY Capital is a VC firm founded by Alexander Tamas.

Tamas was a partner at Digital Sky Tech (DST) Global, Yuri Milner's ( http://Mail.Ru ) Russian VC firm.

https://www.vccircle.com/all-you-wanted-know-about-digital-sky-technologies/ $VYGG
Tamas started at a London-based tech investment firm called Arma Partners (2002-2006).

Afterwards, Tamas joined Goldman Sachs London as co-head of internet/software coverage.

https://www.armapartners.com/  $VYGG
"The day the Facebook purchase was announced, Yuri's colleague Tamas quietly approached Zynga founder Mark Pincus at a tech conference. A few months later DST Global led a $180 million venture round in the maker of FarmVille and Mafia Wars."

https://www.forbes.com/forbes/2011/0328/billionaires-11-profile-yuri-milner-billionaire-friended-web.html $VYGG
In 2013, Tamas left DST Global to set up his own VC firm: Vy Capital.

Vy Capital in 2013 is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with another office in San Francisco.

https://www.vycapital.com/  $VYGG
About Vy Capital?

Vy Capital is a global tech investment firm with more than $2bn in assets under management with a focus on concentrated investments in category-defining technology companies with the potential to meaningfully impact humanity.

https://golden.com/wiki/Vy_Capital  $VYGG
In July 2019, Vy Capital led a $120m funding round of Elon Musk's tunnel-digging project, The Boring Company.

https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/25/8930625/elon-musk-tunnel-boring-company-stock-investors-sale-funding-money $VYGG
Vy Capital is one of @zomato's biggest backers.

Zomato is an Indian-based food delivery giant available in 25 countries and in more than 10,000 cities (think Door Dash).

Sep 2015: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/small-biz/startups/zomato-raises-60-million-from-temasek-vy-capital/articleshow/48858675.cms

Jan 2021: https://www.businesstoday.in/current/corporate/ahead-of-ipo-zomato-set-to-close-500-million-funding/story/428786.html $VYGG
Vy Capital led the fundraising for Coalition Inc., the first technology-enabled cyber insurance solution, founded by John Hering.

The same John Hering that is the CEO of $VYGG.

. @tizeti, Nigeria based broadband internet startup, closed a $2.1m seed funding.

Backers included investors Western Technology Investment, Social Capital, Vy Capital, Picus Capital, Ace & Company, Lynett Capital Partners, Zeno Ventures.

https://www.finsmes.com/2017/06/tizeti-closes-2-1m-seed-funding-round.html $VYGG
OfferUp, the leading mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers in the U.S., announced today that it has secured $119 million in Series C-1 financing (Vy Capital participated).

https://www.vcnewsdaily.com/access/getarticle.php?aid=hqgqgrcvql $VYGG
Other portfolio companies for $VYGG Vy Capital:

- Harbor (blockchain)
- Aella Credit (Nigerian Fintech)
- Acre Designs (Zero-energy homes)
- WiFi NG (Internet access in Nigeria)
- Outpatient (Elderly care)
- Kouadai Shopping (Chinese mobile shopping)
$VYGG Team: John Hering (CEO)

- Co-founder of two cyber security companies @Lookout and Coalition
- Fast Company 2013 Most Creative People
- Fortune 2012 40 under 40

$VYGG Team: @hbarra (Board)

Hugo Barra is a Brazilian computer scientist, technology executive and entrepreneur. He served in a number of product management roles at Google in London and California, including Vice President and product spokesman of Google's Android division.
$VYGG Team: Julie Hereden (Board)

- Current CMO of @pagerduty
- Ex-Uber, Dropbox, Lookout, Shutterfly, Netscape, and Apple
$VYGG Team: Steve Hoffman (Board)

- Co-founder and CEO of Reddit
- Fortune Magazine 2020 40 under 40
$VYGG Team: Javier Olivan (Board)

- VP of Products at Facebook
- Ex-board Director at @Mercadolibre, South America's biggest online marketplace
$VYGG Team: Justin Kan (Board)

American internet entrepreneur and investor who co-founded the law-tech company Atrium where he served as CEO. He is the co-founder of live video platform Twitch, as well as the mobile social video application Socialcam.
$VYGG Team: Sujay Jaswa (Board)

Sujay is one of Silicon Valley’s leading business innovators. Prior to co-founding WndrCo, he was the Business Founder and CFO of Dropbox from 2010 to 2015.
$VYGG Team: Vamsi Duvvuri (Managing Director)

- Head of Vy Capital’s emerging market investments
- Board observer at top growth-stage companies including Zomato, Upgrade and Urban Company
$VYGG Team: Pablo Mendoza (Vice President)

Mendoza worked at Goldman Sachs’ investment banking division where he executed multiple cross-border M&A transactions.
$VYGG Team: Moore Capital Management (Co-Sponsor)

New York-based, global investment management firm headquartered in New York, New York. In September 2018, MCM had $10.2 billion in total assets under management. https://www.ft.com/content/c1ef73e0-4b49-4357-bc45-a05b7f0b865a
Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this thread should be construed as investment advice. Any reference to an investment's past or potential performance is not, and should not be construed as, a recommendation or as a guarantee of any specific profit $VYGG
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