1/Podcasting & casual audio are 80% the same thing: people talking to each other

There is almost no difference between @join_space @CapicheFm @joinClubhouse & @zencastr Riverside on a technical basis.

There are some differences...
2/We've been through this debate before with live streaming vs. podcasts, and the differences are similar to "casual audio vs. podcasts"

there are three that matter:

a. post-production
b. audio quality
c. participation
3/on post-production: casual audio has none right now, but that can change.

on audio quality: this is an issue of software & hardware, and web versions of @CapicheFm and @join_space both have web-based audio (higher quality).
4/participation: most podcasts don't dynamically bring people on stage & this is a very different experience. it's dangerous and that adds excitement but it also adds annoying, low-quality participation (most contributions are weak in this room, but you sit through them).
5/finally, in podcasting you control your content and distribution (go RSS! go @davewiner) on @joinClubhouse and @TwitterSpaces they own your audience and control your reach
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