This is a calculation sent by a small farmer from the Bundelkhand region in Madhya Pradesh.

Total Input Cost = Rs 17,900 for 4 months
Total Revenue = Rs 30,000 for 4 months
Total Income = Rs 12,100 for 4 months i.e. Rs 3025 per month

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The input cost incurred by the Farmer to grow mustard crop in one hectare i.e. 2.50 acre land is about 17,900 Rs for the entire sowing season.

This cost includes the cost of seeds, fertilizer, tilling, watering, harvesting, threshing, transportation, electricity and repair.
At the end of 4 months, once the harvest is ready, the farmer sells it at a cost of Rs 3000 per quintal
The total yield is 10 quintals.
Total amount he receives is Rs 30,000 for 4 months
The cost of cultivation as projected by the cacp indicates the comprehensive cost C2 is 3086. The MSP, as per the swaminathan committee report, should C2+50% i.e. 3086+1043 = 5129. So the MSP announced by the government is also not providing the basic income security for Farmer
The 3 laws combined have no provision to help this farmer from bundelkhand because they are geared to help the traders with unregulated access to markets and unlimited hoarding and unregulated contract framework.

The laws just expects the traders to operate in good faith
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