Thread - 10 compounding habits that will make 2021 your best year ever.
1) Do Push-ups right as you wake up. This gets blood flowing, and shakes that morning “fog”. Even if you prefer doing a full workout in the morning do it, the morning push-ups will only benefit you.
2) In the morning before you start your day, before you start work for the day, write down 3 things you are grateful for. Does not have to be much, “woke up today” “I have a roof over my head”, this helps to reframe negative thoughts that can creep in throughout the day.
I started this habit 4 months ago and I was amazed at how happier I was throughout the day.
3) Walk EVERYDAY for at least 20 mins. This is easier that you think. During lunch just walk around outside your office before, before grabbing your lunch. You can even call in your lunch order and pick-up after your walk. If its raining, bring an umbrella, just do it.
4) Invest in experiences not things. Look at the “things” you buy, I guarantee you spend more on things than experiences. Instead try this, whenever you want to buy a “thing” go to a park, trail, museum, anything and just experience what is there.
You’ll start to appreciate the little things a lot more.
5) Drink more water, now I do not know how much water you are drinking, but I can guarantee its not enough, especially first thing in the morning. I drink a gallon a day, it sounds like a daunting task, but its not. Just carry a water bottle with you everywhere an keep it close.
6) Make your Bed. This will be your first achievement of the day; this small victory will compound into more wins throughout the day.
7) Read just 15 mins a day. Whether fiction or non-fiction, find any book you would enjoy, set a 15 min timer, and just read until it goes off. That is it. Nothing fancy. You have time, morning, afternoon, or night. You can find 15 mins; your peace of mind will think you.
Just think Leaders are Readers. Every good leader reads, do you want to be a leader, then read.
8) Take one minute for just you. ONE MINUTE, 60 SECONDS. No phone. No computer, nor friends or pets around. Just you and your thoughts. Do it on the toilet if you have too, this won’t be a drastic change but, you’ll start becoming aware of your thoughts, and how you think.
9) Question yourself, Are you doing what you should be doing? Is what you’re doing the best way to get to where you want to be. Is this Netflix show, helping me paint my next masterpiece? Are these chips going to help he look better naked? If the answer is no, stop doing it.
If the answer is yes, keep doing it. Either way you will know how to move towards your goals.
10) Layout your clothes the night before. This is a simple way to keep you on track in the morning. Why worry about what to wear and finding clean underwear when your brain is still processing last night’s dream or your perfect life. Make it easier by laying out your clothes
the night before, and quickly transitions into the next task. Save time and energy, freeing up time for more morning accomplishments.
You will be amazed how quickly your life starts turning around. Life changes do not have to be large. Most of the time all it takes is multiple micro changes compounded over time to become completely unrecognizable in a short time. Lets make 2021 the best year yet.
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