Some time last week, an American shared this on LinkedIn. A neutral (note the 3rd-person verbiage) observation of the goings-on in our capital with a legit @AP thumbnail. Of course India had to descend on him like an avalanche of poop.
This is a quick thread of some of the worst responses out there, just to illustrate the obvious, which in one way makes the exercise pointless. At the same time, such loss of a demography's class must never be out of the spotlight. So am doing it anyway.
Just before we start, here's a small bummer: I've redacted all identifying information even though it's all in public domain. This is to avoid any inadvertent code violation; Twitter doesn't seem to like doxing and neither do I.

So here we go.
1. Corporate affairs general manager at a Japanese auto heavyweight.
2. DB architect with a Silicon Valley giant. Sum total of his argument? Farmer leaders lean Left. Interestingly, also disses the IAC shindig the biggest benefactor of which was the party in power today.
Here's another, this time no less than the COO of one of the biggest electronics retail chains in India. From his English, to his demeanor, to his self-entitlement, tweet naming one thing that isn't oozing class.
VC at a university. Telling a foreigner in over 100 words that he doesn't care about foreigners raising issues. And speaking of freedom and peace while rooting for the exact opposite. Hypocrisy wasn't screaming to be paraded, was it?
Director at a Bombay-based guar gum manufacturing and exporting business. Never mind delegitimizing the world's largest protests because there's others that aren't protesting, just take time to "incentivize" this optimal mix of insecurity and motormouthery.
This CEO wants North Americans to "sought out" their own issues. Because apparently, a nation that keeps fussing over "not enough diversity" is somehow "less equal" than one where lynch mobs enjoy political patronage and State protection.
A tech startup founder is proud of how India's democracy allows everyone the right to protest. And also proud of the very government that wouldn't respect that right which is exactly what Jon's post intends to point out. Irony or hypocrisy, I'll let you decide.
This "Director of Data Sciences" wants real farmers (perhaps Bachchan?) to shun "miss communication" and "mis understanding" and enjoy the perks of blind obeisance. He even has a couple of Shefali-Vaidya-esque "I know someone" stories to back it all up.
There's more what-abouts in this post than in an IT-cell coolie's entire career. Wonder if that's part of the management program at StanChart. Interestingly, Jon never claimed to know anything about farming, unlike our gentleman here.
This Product Line Director has put together the world's first dear Jon later that packs two terrible things in such a brilliant mix: language and reason. Please don't post "non sense," that's our domain. 😎
The DGM who works for a leading cable maker has a fun way of putting out a non-fact AND asking others to fact-check before posting...in the same breath. You HAVE TO love this swag.
What's the most effective way to defend a government that wouldn't debate in the parliament, against a criticism from the other side?

Answer: Do what this IPR lawyer did and throw in a Latin phrase on "listening to both sides."

If that's not lawyerly, I dunno what is.
Please don't make political posts on LinkedIn, keep it strictly "professional." Unless, of course, you're Patra, Shah, or that creepy hugger; then it's all yours. Please listen to this Middle-East Regional Director, dear LinkedIn, he's the catch you wouldn't wanna ignore.
This university dean (sure, not one of any meaningful repute, but a university nonetheless) does have a point. "Insulating" our flag mustn't be pardoned and yet our police exercised so much restraint! Your country would've laid spikes and built concrete walls by now!
Do you know how many acts "constituents" the farm "bills" (thought there was only one farm bill)? If you don't, why are you posting an article that talks nothing of the bills but of the government's reaction to a tweet? Do answer this "Conversational Analytics" expert.
This international marketing manager for a household name in office supplies is upset you're not intelligent anymore because you said something he doesn't agree with. That also somehow makes you "unworthy to follow." Any parting words for Felicia?
Okay everyone, I invite y'all to make sense of whatever the heck this senior manager for business development is trying to convey.
And of this South Asia Market Team Lead.
When a managing director says scalps have fat, you take it for granted that scalps have fat. You also dare not question when he says that the news that the government overreacted to a pop singer's tweet, is not only fake but also somehow "fraudulent."
Listen to this management consultant and stop commenting on a government's disdain for the parliament. Why? Because, Margaret Thatcher. So what if you're American and she was British, you're all White.
This gentleman (a captain, no less) has 40+ years of experience managing ships. But none managing himself as evident. That said, telling the country producing the two top vaccines in the game that they're surviving on our untested ones, takes something truly special.
Trust me, I know what you read better than you do. So how dare you (excuse my Greta vibes here)? I manage IT and Service Delivery for the country's largest automaker and I know everything.
Our business is our business, none of type business. Your nose is your nose, none of our nose. As a head of talent acquisition and management, keeping a tab on your "homeland" is part of my talent.
Leave it to a tech startup CEO to guide you on what to do and not do on "Linkden."
That'd be all for now. All these fine gentlemen can be found in Jon's response thread which is a cornucopia of India's best.

Don't let their language and general trashiness fool you. Every single one of these is a bigwig.
These are not Guddus and Pintus from the boonies. These are CEOs, CTOs, COOs, MDs, GMs — men who sit on the very top of India Inc's totem pole. If not their bile, their lack of class is the last that should embarrass you, your politics notwithstanding. But...does it?
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