Some of the framing around impoverished countries not getting adequate vaccine doses center on this being bad for wealthy countries because there will be ongoing reservoirs of disease/ more mutations etc

Why is the framing always relative to the effect on wealthy lives?
2/ Why is the focus not on equity?

Why are all lives not treated equally?

Why are impoverished countries seen as vectors of disease rather than places with human beings deserving of vaccines like everyone else? #covid19
3/ I ask these questions of course rhetorically.

This is always how it has been.

This is not surprising.

This has been every part of the pandemic, from testing, to treatment, to vaccines. #covid19
4/ This has been global health pre-pandemic.

This is rooted in the histories of colonialism in which black and brown bodies have been seen and used as vectors of propagating European dominance through exploitation. #covid19
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