The Gemstone File thread:
Gemstone is a work that was assembled over the course of many years that in the most simple terms lays out a timeline of events that attempts to explain what may have lead to the disappearance of Howard Hughes in his later years and the JFK assassination.
1932 - Aristotle Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate who made his first million selling "Turkish tobacco" (opium) in Argentina, worked out a profitable deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, and Meyer Lansky.
Onassis would ship booze directly into Prohibition-dry Boston for Joe Kennedy.
There was also said to have been a heroin deal arranged with Franklin and Elliot Roosevelt.
1934 - Onassis, Rockefeller, and the Seven Sisters (major oil companies) signed an agreement outlining in an oil cartel.

Oil was to be shipped on Onassis ships to compete with Iran who was moving towards nationalizing their oil industry..
1936 - At age 17, as a journalism student at the University of Wisconsin, Bruce Roberts covered Bob LaFollette's formation of Wisconsins's Progressive Party.
1936 - 1940 - Eugene Meyer, Joe Kennedy's partner in SEC stock swindles, buys the Washington Post to get control of the news media; other Mafia buy up other papers, broadcasting, TV, etc.

News censorship of all major news media goes into effect.
1937 - Roberts was studying journalism and physics at the University of Wisconsin and dating Dorothy Boettiger, Roosevelt's niece.
Sam Giancana, then a young Chicago gangster and former wheelman for Al Capone, had the goods on Roosevelt regarding the heroin deal with Onassis.

He told Roberts to tell Dorothy; then used the blackmail later to gain control of the Chicago Teamsters’ Union Fund.
Roberts’ special interest was in crystallography, and the creation of synthetic rubies and diamonds, the original Gemstone experiment.
1937 - Hjalmar Schacht, president of Germany’s Reichsbank and economic dictator of Hitler’s Third Reich, launched a massive program of rearmament.
Onassis’ tanker, the Ariston, the largest oil tanker yet, was nearing completion in Sweden.

Onassis signed a year’s contract with Jean Paul Getty’s Tidewater Oil Company to move oil from California to the Mitsuis Corporation in Yokohama.
1940 - Roberts played baseball for the University of Wisconsin.

Henry Wallace, Roosevelt's Secretary of Agriculture and VP candidate visited the campus and met and talked to Roberts showing him a copy of the oil cartel memo.

// possible period of recruitment?
1941 - 1945 - World War II was very profitable for Onassis, Rockefeller, Kennedys, Roosevelts, I.G. Farben, etc.

Onassis, selling oil, arms, and dope to both sides, went through the war without losing a single ship or man.
1945 - Roberts was in the Army stationed at Victorville Army Base in California.
1946 - Onassis married Greek shipping magnate Stavros Livanos' daughter Tina.
1947 - Greek ship-owner Stavros Niarchos married Livanos' other daughter Eugenie.
Onassis set up the United States Petroleum Carries (U.S.P.C) as a US corp. using 3 US citizens as front-men.

The Maritime Commission approved the sale of 5 T2 tankers for 1.5 million a piece to U.S.P.C.
A week later, Onassis's Sociedad Industrial Maritime Financiera Ariona, Panama S.A., bought 49% of the stock.

Three more American citizens with close ties to Onassis each acquired 1% in effect giving Onassis complete control of U.S.P.C
1948 - Onassis first son Alexander is born in New York.

Aristotle had ambitions for his son to one day become president of the United States.
1949 - Onassis buys 16 US war surplus Liberty Ships in a fraudulent purchase facilitated by Lawyer Burke Marshall.
There was delays putting tankers to work transporting oil, so Onassis had them converted into waling factory ships, registered in Panama and run by the "Olympic Whaling Company" of Uruguay.

He hired ex - Nazi Hjalmar Schacht to run the whaling fleet.
1950 - Onassis whaling fleet was the largest and most modern in the world.

With his onslaught of whaling he made another fortune and nearly wiped out several species of whales.

The barstools on his yacht Christina where made from the skins of whale penises.
1951 - Onassis orders 18 more massive oil tankers to be built in Hamburg shipyards financed by a 100 million dollar loan.
1952 - Roberts lived in LA as a 'former actor turned jewelry designer'.

He was still involved in crystallography and was making synthetic gemstones, consulting, and selling them to the Hollywood elites.

This is his only known photograph.
1953 - Onassis buys control of the SBM (Societe des Bains de Mer) in Monte Carlo, including the casino, yacht club, Hotel de Paris and about 1/3 of the acreage of Monaco.
He revamped the Monte Carlo Casino, which soon began to yield millions of dollars.

He new oil tanker, The Tina Onassis, was the largest in the world with a price tag of 6 million was also launched that same year.
Onassis employed Hjalmar Schacht to negotiate the "Jeddah Agreement" with Saudi Arabia, which later gave him a virtual monopoly on the transport of 45 million tons of Saudi oil a year.
1954 - Dien Bien Phu fell to the Communists.

Roberts future wife, a daughter of a French Consul, was imprisoned with other French nationals in North Vietnam at a Hanoi Hilton.
She escaped with other French prisoners, and hiked North to a US Army base in Kunming in the Yunnan Province of China.

Along the way she saw strange rocks resembling those of the chief ruby producing district in Burma.

These rocks suggested the presence of rubies.
Later telling Roberts about them, it was thought this area had the prime raw materials needed for the mass production of synthetic rubies.
1956 - Howard Hughes is meanwhile buying his way toward control of the U.S. electoral process with a view towards his own personal gain.

He buys Senators, Governors, etc. He finally buys off newly-elected V.P. Nixon, via a 250K non-repayable loan to Nixon's brother, Donald.
1957 - Nixon repays Hughes by having the IRS-Treasury grant tax-free status (refused twice before) to "Hughes Medical Foundation," sole owner of Hughes Aircraft, creating a tax-free, non-accountable money funnel for whatever Hughes wanted to do.
U.S. government also shelved anti-trust suits against Hughes' TWA, etc.
Gemstone claims that in 1957 Onassis carried out a carefully planned event:

The kidnapping of Howard Hughes from his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel using Hughes' own men.
1957 - Noah Dietrich a 32 year Hughes associate was fired by "Hughes" over the phone and never saw Howard again.
According to the theory there was a fake marriage arranged to Jean Peters by the Mayor of Nevada to explain Hughes’ sudden loss of interest in chasing after movie stars.

She received 1 million dollars to take part in the deception.
During the kidnapping it’s said that Hughes suffered brain damage from a blow to the head effectively causing him to be in a coma.
From that point he was taken to the Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas where the top floor had been rented out for a what was said to be a “Hughes Party”

The kidnappers kept him drugged for about 30 days in hopes that he would recover from the injury.
It wasn't likely that Hughes would recover so he was taken to Onassis' island Skorpios in Greece where he lived the remember of his days in a comatose state being kept alive by Onassis' team of nurses and doctors.
At this point Onassis would become the Dr. Evil type character behind the Hughes empire gaining all the control of U.S politicians that Hughes had.

L. Wayne Rector would go on to continue being the Howards body double not knowing he was now working for Onassis.
1957 - Onassis calls the Apalachin meeting to announce to U.S. Mafia heads his grab of Hughes, and his adoption of Hughes' game plan for acquiring power: buying U.S. Senators, congressmen, governors, judges, en masse, to take control "legally" of the U.S. government.
Onassis' radio message to Apalachin from a remote Pennsylvania farmhouse intercepted (reluctantly) by FBI's J. Edgar Hoover, on the basis of a tip-off from some Army Intelligence guys who weren't in on the plan.
1957 - Joseph Kennedy takes John F. and Jackie to see Onassis on his yacht, introduce John, and remind Onassis of an old Mafia promise: the presidency for a JFK.

Onassis agrees.
1958 - Hordes of Mafia selected, purchased and supported grassroots candidates sweep into office.

Because of the Apalachin meeting, the FBI is forced to acknowledge the existence of organized crime and begins compiling a detailed report on the Mafia, known as, "La Cosa Nostra".
1959 - Castro takes over Cuba from dictator Battista, thereby destroying cozy and lucrative Mafia gambling empire run for Onassis by Meyer Lansky.

Castro scoops up $8 million in Mafia casino receipts. Onassis is furious.
V.P. Nixon becomes operations chief for CIA-planned Bay of Pigs invasion, using CIA Hunt, McCord, etc., and Cuban ex-Battista strong-arm cops ("Cuban freedom fighters") Martinez, Gonzalez, etc., as well as winners like Frank Sturgis (Fiorini).
1959 - Stirring election battle between Kennedy and Nixon.

Either way Onassis wins since he has control over both candidates.

It was in this debate that Dr. Max Jacobson had Kennedy high on his meth cocktail allowing Kennedy to outshine Nixon.
1960 - JFK elected. American people happy. Rose Kennedy happy. Onassis happy. Mafia ecstatic.
1960 - Roberts was married to the daughter of the former French consul in Indochina.

In that area Onassis's involvement in the Golden Triangle dope trade was no secret.
1960 - Roberts experimented with the creation of artificial rubies - the original "Gemstone experiment".

Hughes Aircraft was experimenting with laser beam technology using synthetic rubies for their light refraction qualities.
Roberts claims that Hughes stole the rubies for their laser research for bombs and missile guidance systems.

Roberts investigation of Hughes after the theft led him to the Onassis - Hughes switch theory.
1961 - Just after the inauguration Joseph Kennedy had a stroke, ending his personal control over his sons John and Bobby.

They started to rebel against Onassis control wanting to restore the integrity of the country planning to dismantle the CIA.
They declared the 73 million in forged "Hughes" land liens, deposited with San Fransisco's Bank of America, as "security" for the TWA judgement against "Hughes" to be what they were: forgeries.
1961 - Bay of Pigs fiasco. Kennedy refused to supply full support for the invasion of Cuba.

Kennedy vowed to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces". He fired CIA director Allen Dulles and Deputy Director Charles Cabell.
Hunt and McCord, of the CIA, Batista’s Cubans in exile in the U.S., and Mafia all were angry about JFK’s lack of enthusiasm.
Robert Maheu was Onassis’s chief “contractor” for all of the major political assassinations that rocked the U.S. at around that time: JFK, RFK, MLK, etc.
This was reported by Jack Anderson, who got a lot of his “tips” from his friend, Frank Sturgis, who was also on the Castro assassination team.
The team included Johnny Roselli and Jimmy “The Weasel” Fratianno, expert Mafia hit men, assisted by CIA’s Hunt, McCord, and others.
The assassination team trained in Mexico, Florida, and at Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.

They tried five times to kill Castro, with everything from high-powered rifles to apple pie with sodium morphate in it.

Castro survived.
1963 - Angered, Onassis stopped trying to kill Castro. He ordered the assassination team to change targets and go for the head, JFK, who according to Onassis, had welshed on a Mafia deal.

JFK set up the “Group of 40” (advisors) to fight Onassis.
1963 - Two murders had to occur before the murder of JFK, of people who would understand the situation and might squawk:
Phillip Graham editor and publisher of the Washington Post. He had married Eugene Meyer’s daughter, Katherine, who had inherited the Washington Post and allied media empire.

Graham put together the Kennedy-Johnson ticket and was Kennedy’s friend in the struggle with Onassis.
He wanted to dump Katherine in favor of a girlfriend, and keep on running the Washington Post.

Katherine bribed some psychiatrists to certify that Phil was insane, and had him locked up in a nuthouse.
Katherine checked him out of the nuthouse for a weekend, and Phillip died of a shotgun wound in the head, in the bathroom; his death was ruled “suicide”
Also Senator Estes Kefauver, whose Crimes Commission investigations had uncovered the 1932 deal between Onassis, Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, Lansky, and Roosevelt.
Kefauver planned a speech on the Senate floor denouncing Mafia operations. Instead, he ate a piece of apple pie laced with rat poison, and had a “heart attack” on the Senate floor.
1963 - Jackie Kennedy’s third child, Patrick, born prematurely, died. She was depressed. Her sister, Lee Bouvier Radziwill, who lived in Paris, planned to join Onassis on his yacht, Christina, for a cruise.
According to her, she asked Onassis whether she could invite Jackie along, to “cheer her up”.

Onassis agreed, but suggested that the plans be secret, because Jack would not approve.
1963 - Members of the Castro assassination team were arrested at Lake Pontchartrain by Bobby Kennedy’s Justice boys, but released.
1963 - Jackie Kennedy announced plans to visit Greece for a 2-week rest in October.

Onassis was not mentioned.
1963 - Jackie flew to Greece, and joined Onassis on the Christina.

Also present were her sister, Lee Bouvier Radziwill, Lee’s husband Staz, and Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Jr.
Onassis’s assassination contractor Maheu was making final arrangements to blow JFK away, while Onassis enjoyed this extra layer of complication and perverse pleasure.
JFK got tipped off that big “O” had arranged to wipe him out.

JFK called Jackie on the yacht, from the White House, hysterical, screaming: “Get off that yacht, if you have to swim!”
Kennedy secretly canceled his planned appearance at a football stadium in Chicago, on November 1, where the CIAMafia assassination team was poised for the kill.
Jackie stayed on board, descending the gangplank a few days later on Onassis’s arm, in Turkey, so that Onassis could impress the Turkish Bey, Mustapha.
Jackie Kennedy returned to Washington from her two-week tour: Turkey, Morocco, various Greek islands, and Onassis’s private island, Skorpios.
The hit on JFK was planned in true Mafia style - a dramatic triple execution, together with the two brothers, Diem and Nhu, in Vietnam.

Diem and Nhu got theirs, as scheduled, via Onassis’s Captain Nung.
The third brother, Cardinal Thuc, avoided his death because he was at the Vatican visiting the Pope.

Jack avoided his - at the Chicago football stadium - that day.
Nhu’s wife, Madame Nhu, bitterly remarked:

“Whatever has happened in Vietnam will see its counterpart in the United States.”
Three weeks later, Onassis’s back-up plan went into effect: JFK was assassinated in Dallas - like Chicago, a “safe Mafia murder town”
1963 - The JFK murder.

Roberts wrote that the assassination team included 28 men.

This included shooters, timers, back-up men to hide the guns, and people to transport the team members out of town.
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