On the Pence/football thing. That case like VPOTUS would have been defended to the death by his secret service detail. Would be a pile of people shot dead by the time it was overrun. Just something to remember.
Secret Service is extremely well trained when it comes to not flinching when dealing with domestic threats. It wouldn't have 'been a call.'
They are fully aware of what that case means and how it is absolutely key to our nuclear deterrent and continuity of government. It is not just another staffer with a satchel. Top folks are on that team and know that this case and its handler do not get fucked with.
His personal protection unit & CAT are more heavily armed than the Capitol Police that we saw. It would have been a major culling before that case was molested. They would have fought to get it back if it somehow was. This is my understanding of how it works. Take it as you wish
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