This image needs to be translated because non-Jews rarely understand its meaning. This is an image of Jewish men, the world is depicted as a game they are controlling (classic antisemitic trope that Jews run everything) and they're using non-Jews as slaves to hold up the board.
This image is *extremely familiar* to Jews. I have seen it more times then I can count. I've seen it with different groups of people under the game board.

This is *not subtle*. This is the kind of timing Chait and Hayes are saying should not have consequences.
If the *entire* public conversation about antisemitism could be anything other then Jews begging people to believe it exists, maybe we could get deeper into the conversation and discuss forms of antisemitism and how they manifest and this image wouldn't need translating.
And also maybe then we wouldn't have to defend our truth that more subtle forms of antisemitism - like comparing minor annoyances to the Holocaust - are actually deeply antisemitic. They are, in fact, just as antisemitic as this image.
Aaaaaaaaaaand now I'm already having to defend my statement that the image is antisemitic instead of having the nuanced conversation about the meaning of these tropes and how they're harmful. So the cycle begins again.
I'm very literally begging you not to reply to this thread with some version of "Is this really antismetic?"
This is a good history of the image. Remember that Q-Anon is very literally built on the oldest and most common antisemitic beliefs in existence (link to that in next tweet).
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