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Tonight’s candidate says he looks like a quiet guy but he’s in fact more of a... CABBAGE ROLL!🥬

Or how food is used to describe men’s dating behavior 🤷‍♀️
Back to the beginning: in 2009, the author Maki Fukasawa comes with the expression « herbivore men » to describe men not interested in dating or marriage. The herbivore men or 草食男子, as opposed as the carnivore men, 肉食男子, more aggressive in dating

Some blame the non sex-driven herbivores for Japan’s low birth rate and claim they lost their virility. They certainly shaked the idea of love and dating, and the place of men (in society, in marriage) in Japan. By wearing cardigans, apparently a typical feature 🤔
There would be a lot to say but back to our roll cabbage: he’s a tricky one. He looks sweet and harmless like a herbivore (veggie outside)but he’s actually a proactive hunter like a carnivore (meat inside) when drinking with a girl, or alone with her😈 (which sounds kinda scary)
Is there an opposite to Cabbage roll? Great question! Yes! Bacon & asparagus roll. Meat outside, veggie inside, you start to get the image right? Our friend looks like a player but he’s reserved with a cute personality
Between the carnivore and herbivore, there are many types. Like the fish-eating guys (魚食系). Not as aggressive as the carnivore, they are patiently waiting for the woman they like to like them too. And there are many sub-categories 🐟:

Are you more into teriyaki or meunière?
The 豆乳系, or soy milk type is taking care of his skin and appearance, and wants to be in a beautiful, instabae couple

The 鶏肉系, or chicken type is all friendly, fun, charming and before you realize it you fell for him. And he’s here for it💥
Special mention for the « Creamy boy » who’s healing like a cup of hot coffee and a fluffy shortcake. He’s a good listener and a soft, reliable support 🍰

This book (I want it please) has in its glossary categories as wild as steak type or gyoza type🥟 Honestly, comparing men to food? Yes 🙌

Lastly, as we will skip all the « dog type » and other « will boyfriend » for today, we’ll keep it food related with the fasting type : 断食系, a man with a partner, but not much into the physical part of the relationship, and willing to keep his time and life without his partner
Finally, the extreme fasting type, 絶食系, are so uninterested in people regarding flesh matters they can’t even name a celeb they fancy, according to this inspiring paper from @SavvyTokyo

But obviously you won’t find him on Tinder anyway. https://savvytokyo.com/carnivore-herbivore-5-types-men-youll-meet-japan/
So, what’s your type? 😏

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