That white supremacy has roots in Christian imperialism. They’re still doing it, churches in America, Canada, Europe of every Christian denomination push billions into India to covert “evil” Hindus as they demonize Hinduism & seek to end it in their religious war against Hinduism
This on top of Islam that also demonizes Hinduism. India has suffered decades of chaos, violence & death in our modern era and who do these Christian & Islamic nations blame. Hindus for daring to speak against their bigotry & religious war against the Dharmic nation of India.
Western governments from leftist “liberal” political parties & media in all western nations where Islam’s made its political home push endless propaganda against Modi & India’s Hindu majority supporting every illegitimate protest & riot cooked up by political opposition in India.
They’re doing it right now supporting Khalistan Sikh separatists who want to break India for religion & have aligned with Islam & Christianity against India. They push protests &?riots against the Indian Govt pretending its a “farmers” protest. Western media backs the propaganda.
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