White people - when you ask POC questions, I wish you'd ask less "Is it okay if I do [certain thing]?" and more "What are your thoughts on [certain thing]?"

The first makes me uncomfortable bc you're demanding a clear Yes/No that no single POC has the right to give - 1/?
- it puts the burden on ME to repeat for the countless time that we are not a monolith and others may feel differently before giving my opinion, and even then, I worry that you might take my answer and run bc I'm not sure if you're conceptualizing our internal diversity 2/?
But if you ask "what are YOUR thoughts?" instead, it shows me you're aware that you're getting the opinion of a single person and that you're not expecting me to speak for a whole group of people. Only then do I feel safe giving my thoughts 3/?
Ultimately, you need to focus on listening respectfully and seeking out perspectives from a variety of POC instead of trying to get a magic Permission Pass on whether you can do [certain thing]. I mean, the final judgement on whether to act is YOURS to make. 4/?
ALSO it is very transparent when you're more concerned about Not Getting Canceled than listening to POC out of respect....Like seriously, stop acting like we're coercing you or making your life very difficult just because we have opinions 😩 5/5
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