Importance of wife in Hindu scriptures

We all know that Grihasth Ashram is one of the most important Ashram in our culture.

When one person marries and procreates, he makes sure that the lineage goes forward.
Most of the Yajna described in Vedas can't be completed without a wife.

Many Sages initially followed Brahmcharya but had to eventually marry as they had the responsibilities to take care of Pitri Devtas and perform certain Yajna.
There is a story mentioned in Markandeya Puran which tells the importance of having a wife for a person.

There was a brahmin in the reign of King Uttam who was son of Uttanapad.

The brahmin was very righteous and he followed every nitya karma strictly.
He was invited to many Yajna for protecting the Yajna from Rakshasas.

A Rakshas who was fed up with this brahmin found a unique way to take revenge from him.

He kidnapped her wife and took her to his residence in distant forest.
This way, brahmin wasn't able to perform his daily Nitya Karma and couldn't retain his Tapobal.
Later, King Uttam helped the brahmin in getting the wife back.

There are multiple such incidents mentioned in Puranas which assert the importance of Grihasth Ashram.
It is to us to give every aspect of our life it's due importance.

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