Just sitting here, entering #COVID19 #Canada data, wondering if I've missed any recent expressions of concern from certain premiers about the wisdom of recent re-opening decisions.

Oh, I don't know, maybe from premiers of QC, ON, MB, SK?

Why you ask?

@roussin_brent is looking forward to some light re-opening, when MB still has the highest per capita rate of #COVID19 hospitalizations in the country, a record held for months.

But look, SK might soon catch up.
Speaking of SK, @PremierScottMoe must be proud not only that SK is about to overtake MB for highest #COVID19 hospitalizations per capita in #Canada, but that SK is also just about to pass MB for total per capita cases in the epidemic.

Yes, that's since Feb 2020, not 2021.
Then there's @fordnation of ON, who's looking forward to getting back to business with hospitalizations at the same level they were on Jan 1, not long before ON overtook QC for the record as the province with the greatest number of total #COVID19 cases in the entire epidemic.
Yes, yes, I know. Per capita ON has had fewer total cases than QC, but I mean, that's not really a gold star comparison.

And then there's QC, which, well, just look at the graphs. Let's hope the fast LTC vaccination strategy pays off.
Apparently, not a care in the world about VOC (variants of concern). Publicly, of course, performative hand-wringing, maybe soon some tears accompanying pleas to folks to stay home & stop irresponsibly partying. But slowing reopening to buy time before VOC waves hit. Never!
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