Want to meet the next generation of local leaders? Check out our latest endorsed candidates!
Meet Maia Pearson, a grassroots activist running for the Madison Board of Education in WI! Maia was critical in leading a fight for food access for her community and was appointed to the executive committee of the Civilian Oversight Board for the Police. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1459/pearson-maia
. @Tsultana2021 is a Democratic community leader running for Easton City Council in PA!

A dedicated community activist, Taiba is a member of the NAACP, Emerge PAC, and a frequent volunteer for the American Cancer Society. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1458/sultana-taiba
We’re so excited to endorse @ZackZappone for Spokane City Council in Washington! The former teacher and community organizer is currently working to provide school-based telehealth, rural broadband, and COVID vaccine outreach for people in his community. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1471/zappone-zack
Dallas City Council member @AdamBazaldua is running for re-election in 2021!

As the youngest member of the Dallas City Council, Adam has pushed for important reforms around community safety and Dallas’ increasing homeless population. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1477/bazaldua-adam
New York City Council candidate @MinoLora is an artist, activist, and educator! Mino serves on the New York Immigrant Coalition and Northern Manhattan Agenda Leadership Councils where she advocated for the inclusion of immigrants in the COVID-relief bill. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1456/lora-mino
Educator @theloserteacher is running for San Antonio City Council! In his race, Jalen is the only candidate to commit to rejecting corporate PAC contributions, and if elected he will be the first openly-gay Black man to hold office in San Antonion, Texas! https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1438/mckee-rodriguez-jalen
Get to know @BethaniCameron running for Pittsburgh City Council! If elected, Bethani would be the first single mom on the council and is running to ensure that the children of South Pittsburgh have the same opportunities and resources as other communities. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1445/cameron-bethani
Attorney and Boston City Council candidate @alexjgray is running to become Boston’s first-ever blind City Councilor!

Alex helped start Boston’s first Tuition Free Community College Plan and helped launch the Fairmount Commuter Rail Line. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1369/gray-alex
Boston City Council candidate @hicks4district6 is a first-get Afro-Dominicana who's worked as an activist in Boston since the age of 13. For the last five years, Kendra has been the Director of Radical Philanthropy at the Boston-based organization Resist. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1436/hicks-kendra
Learn more about @votefornashra running for Lincolnwood School Board in Illinois! At just 20 years old, Nashra is currently the youngest board member for The Chicago Area Peace Action Organization and  the founding member and President of IGNITE DePaul. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1468/mohammed-nashra
. @StevenDPatzer is running for New York City Council! A community advocate and lifelong resident of Brooklyn, Steven has worked to improve his community and provide resources such as COVID-19 relief and online educational materials for students. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1308/patzer-steven
Kristin Andrzejewski is a former small business owner and social justice advocate running for Syracuse City Council!

Kristin is fighting for transparency and community oversight of policing and equitable access to health care and mental health resources. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1371/andrzejewski-kristin
Community advocate and life-long Brooklynite @LincolnRestler is running in New York City Council, District 33!

Lincoln has deep experience across 10 years in city government, spearheading implementation of IDNYC and a number of anti-poverty initiatives. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1398/restler-lincoln
. @ElizabAdams is an advocate and educator running for New York City Council! Elizabeth is running to build a strong feminist Council, after seeing the ways government failed to center women, LGBTQ+ people, and families of color during the COVID-19 crisis. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1416/adams-elizabeth
. @Tricia4NYC is a mom, social worker, community activist, and proud Japanese-Puerto Rican woman running for New York City Council! Working in higher education, Tricia advocates on behalf of undocumented students and fights for investments in education. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1399/shimamura-tricia
. @Adolfo4Council is an organizer and public servant running NYC Council in District 14!

Adolfo is running to transform the Bronx and fight for community healthcare, affordable housing, quality education, and police accountability. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1418/abreu-adolfo
. @osse2021 is a third-gen Brooklynite, activist, and political candidate running for NYC Council in District 36! Ossé is a prominent figure in the revitalization of the Black Lives Matter Movement, marching alongside the collective Warriors in the Garden. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1422/osse-chi
. @Alyia4ALX is an experienced city planner running for Alexandria City Council in VA! Alyia plans to use her experience working on hunger and health policies, as well as affordable housing solutions to improve conditions for constituents of Alexandria! https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1441/gaskins-alyia
We’re excited to re-endorse @Vote_Ayesha for the School Committee of Cambridge, MA! If reelected, Ayesha will continue to work to implement a sustainable mental health program and increase support for students with special needs. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1442/wilson-ayesha
Army vet @Marche4D3 is running for Montgomery City Council in AL and hopes to change the narrative of distrust between community and local officials by facilitating collaboration and education around issues. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1484/johnson-marche
Get to know @Powers4Queens running for NYC Council in District 31! Selvena’s reputation as an effective leader and organizer comes from years of high-impact initiatives on critical issues including education, voter empowerment, racial and economic justice. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1440/brooks-powers-selvena
Attorney @cortezforjudge has spent his career working to protect and empower marginalized people in Philadelphia. We are proud to endorse him for Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge in Philadelphia! https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1455/patton-cortez
. @cstl2021 is an economic and racial justice community organizer who specializes in building coalitions. Today, she is running to become the the first black, woman and millennial mayor of Peoria, Illinois! https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1447/st-louis-chama
Get to know @JackieforBlm, running for Mayor of Bloomington, Illinois! Jackie felt called to run in order to make local government more transparent and accessible to its residents. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1435/gunderson-jackie
. @Schweitzer88 is a clinic escort, foster parent, environmentalist, and publicist running for St. Louis Board of Aldermen in Missouri!

As a candidate, her priorities are holistically addressing safety, education, and development. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1433/schweitzer-anne
Political organizer @groh_nathaniel is running for Palatine Township Trustee in Illinois!

Nathaniel is looking to utilize his experience to bring a more united, innovative, and transparent focus to the board. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1428/groh-nathaniel
Mayor of Roselle Park @JoeSignorello3 is running to flip New Jersey State Senate District 21!

If elected, Joe will fight to decrease property taxes, restore funding to public schools, and work to make NJ carbon neutral. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1476/signorello-joseph
Community organizer Jace Dawson is running for Compton City Council in CA! Jace has dedicated his entire adult life to serving seniors and youth in underserved communities and if elected, he will be the first LGBTQIA+ official on the Compton City Council. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1432/dawson-jace
Former McClean County student Gavin Cunningham is running for a seat on the school board! Gavin is running to give students a voice and bring a younger perspective to the school board. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1413/cunningham-gavin
Bryan Amezquita is an educator running for Rockford City Council in Illinois!

Bryan's goal is to ensure Rockford government continues to invest in the needs of working families. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1370/amezquita-bryan
Public servant @Kenya4ThePeople is running for NYC Council!

Kenya has worked at all levels of government, advocating for comprehensive immigration reform, leading campaigns to protect reproductive rights, and organizing to end “Stop and Frisk” practices. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1448/handy-hilliard-kenya
. @voteshekar is a community advocate and civil rights lawyer running for NYC Council in District 25!

Shekar envisions a city that centers the voices, experiences, and needs of it's most vulnerable residents. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1461/krishnan-shekar
. @MattShorraw is a 4th generation Monessenite, running to be re-elected as Mayor of Monessen!

Matt is committed to making Monessen a better place, by improving the city's laws, functions, transparency, and integrity. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1425/shorraw-matthew
Jill Basile is a wife, mother and full-time employee running for a second term on the Otsego County Board of Representatives in NY! Jill is focused on local economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and delivering transparent information to residents. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1424/basile-jill
@BibbForCLE is a community advocate and nonprofit leader running for Mayor of Cleveland, OH! Justin will bring his personal and professional experience to develop collaborative solutions, unifying the city Cleveland in economic recovery. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1392/bibb-justin
. @AledaGagarin is a Queer mother of three, a local activist and community organizer running for New York City Council in District 29!

Aleda envisions a future where all New Yorkers have access to a quality education, healthcare, and housing. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1463/gagarin-aleda
Madison, WI candidate @ayomiforalder got her start as a youth organizer in her high school demanding a more inclusive environment for students and staff of color. She has continued her work as an organizer for the Madison 4 Black Lives Movement. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1429/obuseh-ayomi
Vice-Mayor of Alexandria, VA @EBPforVA is running for Virginia State House in district 45! In Richmond, she will work to expand access to child care, ensure equitable education opportunities, and fight climate change. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1469/bennett-parker-elizabeth
. @PiSanchezNYC is an Afro-Dominicana, lifelong Bronxite running for NYC Council District 14!

Pierina is a public servant and uniquely positioned to build coalitions and translate advocacy to systemic and redistributive policy changes. https://directory.runforsomething.net/candidate/1400/sanchez-pierina
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