[BREAKING] The World Health Organization's Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) recommends the use of the #AstraZeneca vaccine even in the context of variants, such as the one found in South Africa. #COVID19 #COVID19sa
Why did the WHO's SAGE group recommend #AstraZeneca for countries including South Africa? After reviewing the evidence, including SA data, the WHO believes it is plausible that the jab will show efficacy against severe #COVID19 as well as hospitalisation.
Remember, preliminary data from South Africa did now show the jab protected against MILD TO MODERATE #COVID19SA #AstraZeneca #COVID19
The WHO has confirmed that South Africa will use the #AstraZeneca vaccine carefully in a phased rollout in a way that allows the country to collect extra data to fill the gap in what we know about its ability to protect against severe #COVID19sa #COVID19
Additionally, WHO's expert committee recommends the #AstraZeneca vaccine for anyone 18+ years including people over the age of 65 years. Again, this recommendation applies to countries with #COVID19sa variants, including South Africa #COVID19
The World Health Organisation's SAGE group did not have enough info to make a broad recommendation for #AstraZeneca use in pregnant women but recommends vaccination for pregnant & breastfeeding people who are at high-risk of #COVID19sa due to underlying illness or work. #COVID19
Essentially, WHO SAGE experts are balancing the need to try to prevent thousands of deaths a day with vaccines with the lack of data. WHO's Katherine O'Brien: South Africa is taking this time to carefully consider how to use #AstraZeneca & fill in missing data gaps #COVID19sa
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